Sunday, 12 November 2017

Wishlist - Winter Edition - BooHoo, MissGuided, NewLook, ASOS.

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Wishlist - Winter Edition - BooHoo, MissGuided, NewLook, ASOS.
It's definitely getting chilly outside now! I've bought a new big faux fur coat, the scarf has come out of the bottom drawer and I'm on a search for a knitted hat (A big chunky knitted one, if anyone has any recommendations/suggestions?!

I always get super cold in these winter months, but I still want to look and feel good in the clothes I wear, and layer up with vest tops, shirts, jumpers, kimonos and coats, it's cute, but I often have a long cardigan peeking out of my coat which looks rather odd, haha.

I hope you enjoy this wishlist I've put together, you can click the pictures to get the website up, like Asos etc. so take a look, get some inspiration and buy yourself some winter goodies! I won't lie, I've specifically got my eye on the sequin boots, I would literally wear them casually, and to the upcoming Christmas parties, of course... Also, that black chunky knit long cardigan is going straight in my basket, it's too cosy not to purchase!

Saturday, 4 November 2017

New Mermaid Hair ft. Primark and Kurt Geiger

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New Mermaid Hair ft. Primark and Kurt Geiger
Hey girl heeyyyy! This is basically a quick blog post to showcase my new, fabulous hair which I am in freakin' love with! I feel like a mermaid, a magical unicorn, galaxy girl. I feel sickening, I love it! 

It's got a few colours in, though the main three are purple, green and blue. It's so bright and colourful, it's exciting. When I went to the hairdressers (Rockabelles in Northampton, fyi, thanks Chris!) I was initially going for a charcoal grey into a lilac purple, but my hair would not take. My boyfriend said it was being stubborn like it's human. Cheers, babe. (no denying it though, haha)
p.s he stayed with me the whole day, keeping me company and got me Subway. Keeper!
I was in the hairdressers from 9-6, it was like a full day at work, and literally a full day of work for my hairdresser, eek. My hair is just too damn long, haha.
I feel much more myself with my hair coloured in this way; I've had it ombre pink, green blue and so forth in the past, but nothing as extravagant as it is now. I'm so glad I've had it done, and cannot wait to get it dyed next time. Pastel pinks and lilacs? We'll see!

You can really see the different pinks and purples in this photo, I love it!
Ripped black jeans - New Look
Black furry heeled boots - Nasty Gal
Soft velvety grey blue jumper - Primark
Opal and black choker necklace - Primark
(old, prevegan) leather and chain backpack - Kurt Geiger
Black faux fur coat - Glamorous
Matte lipstick - Lottie in shade #TBT from Superdrug

It's been around a month since I've had this hair now, and I've had to top it up once which is a bit annoying, but it's a high maintenance jobby so! It's faded and is more lilac grey on top, but it still looks amazing. If you're toying with the idea of having bright hair, for sure go for it. You'll feel great! I was scared it wouldn't suit me, or I wouldn't like it, or people would make nasty comments (the latter has happened but w.e girl, you do you ok) but I feel so super confident and beautiful. Get down the hairdressers or go buy the dye from the shop (careful bleaching though, girls!) 

Anyway, see you in my next post, peace and love.
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 10 September 2017

London, baby! ft. Amy Winehouse OOTD

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London, baby! ft. Amy Winehouse OOTD
Black satin and lace slip dress - Noisy May / ASOS
Satin Oriental yellow and blue long Kimono - New Look
Metalic Silver heeled boots - Primark
Blue velvet mini back pack - Primark
Faux suede and crystal choker - Primark
Cat eye sunglasses - Vintage weigh & pay event
Silver hair rings - ASOS - pack of 3
Tattoo Artist - Sophie Jess Instagram - @Bloodflowerstattoo

London, babbbyyy! I went to the capital last week with my boyfriend Karl and it was such a cute day, we didn't buy anything, just food and train tickets, which for me is such a strange concept. Quirky Camden stalls plus pop up shops, and Oxford Street chain shops normally rinse me of my money, I just can't help myself. Although, evidently I can, haha.

We first wandered Camden, checking out vintage stores, staring at the cool shoes in the Dr Marten store and stood in awe at the graffiti art plastered on the walls. So many Amy Winehouse homage pieces, and of course I had to see the statue of her, near the Cereal Killer Cafe and of course take a picture with my beautiful girl.

There's a lot of different characters in Camden for sure, one of the first people I encountered was a guy with long dreads holding a sign that read 'Help a hippie get stoned' which I thought was so funny. Gutted I didn't take a picture with him now, but an original way to make money, gotta hand it to him.
There was also a guy there handing out white paper butterflies, I assume it was a social experiment to see how people would react. Karl said it made him feel bloody weird (his words, haha!) but I actually thought it was really cute.

Stick it to the man!
Love is love x
We ate at an awesome vegan Chinese buffet in Camden called Dou Dou, it's just past The Worlds End / the tube station. I actually fell in love, my new favourite place for sure! Their chicken balls were the absolute bomb and the vegan 'egg' noodles tasted exactly like 'normal' ones you would order from the local Chinese takeaway. I only managed two big plates, but for £6 it's such a bargain, and even my extremely fussy eater partner loved it, so you can't go wrong! Would 1000% recommend!

 I'm visiting London again at the end of November for a bit of Christmas shopping (did I really just mentioned Christmas, Halloween has not been yet?!), sight seeing and such. I might go somewhere like London Dungeons, or the ghost bus tour they have, we'll see! Any recommendations? Let me know!

See you next time, hope you liked my outfit and thanks for reading!
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tattoos, Primark and Vegan Make Up

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Tattoos, Primark and Vegan Make Up
My new mandala shoulder tattoo!
Black Pork Pie Hat - ASOS
Embroidered Rose Choker - Primark
Mandala black and white Kimono - Mango
Velvet red crop top - Urban Outfitters
Fishnet tights - New Look
Black ripped mom jeans - Cheap Monday
Tapestry high heeled boots - Primark
Chill Pill Silicone phone case - Own Saviour
Dark Matte Liquid Lipstick - Kat Von D

Squeeeeee. look at my new tattoo! I'm in love with it. It's a black Mandala in dot work style on my shoulder, which to me signifies wholeness, respect for the earth and sentient beings on it, and I think it is such a beautiful symbol. I'm glad it will be a part of me forever.
It's only my second tattoo, but I hope to have a lot more art on me soon. Even if it hurts, it's so worth it. My partner and friend got a tattoo on the same day, with the same artist, so it was a good little day out as well haha.
Here's my tattoo artists insta if you wanna check out her awesome work! -

Can we just appreciate Primark at the moment, also? Like, check out that choker and those boots, you would never ever guess Primarni, right? I saw a choker very similar in River Island and was going to purchase it, but it was around £8 so decided against it... Glad I found this in a multipack for £1.50!
Also th heels, I can't cope with them. I've developed a thing for heeled boots, especially if they aren't your usual design. I've recently brought a metallic silver pair and they are gorgeous. Shall I start a boot collection? Rhetorical question, I'm doing it...

Aaaand lastly, on to the makeup... Kat Von Ds makeup line is cruelty-free, and the majority is also vegan (I'm sure she's adjusting ingredients so it'll all be vegan soon, yay) plus she's an absolute babe so naturally I want it all haha. My boyfriend got me the lock it foundation and the lippie, which I'm so super grateful for, buuuut... The foundation was waaaay too light for my skin tone. In high street stores I usually struggle to find a colour match unless I want to look orange, so thought the lightest shade would be fine. I mean it's a brilliant foundation, covers really well, I just look like Caspa the friendly ghost too much anyway so, eek... I might list it on DePop so if you're interested hit me up x

Peace and love, until next time,
StephLeaMead xxx

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Mom Jeans and Grandads Cardigan OOTD

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Mom Jeans and Grandads Cardigan OOTD
Recycled black and white knot wrap head tie - Lush
Grandad cardigan - Most Marvellous Emporium in Northampton
Blue high waisted 'Mom' jeans - Topshop
Tapestry cat ruck sack - Camden Market
Vegan pin badge -
Black Boots - Dr Martens
Black crystal necklace - Etsy

Hey, girl heeeeyy...
   I love this look, it's very casual and cute. I won't like I chucked these on because it was the comfiest option to run errands in, but it turned out to be a lovely outfit.
It was hummus day when I took these photos, and obviously, I marked this very important occasion by going into Zapato Lounge in Northampton town centre for some tapas with ciabatta, hummus, falafel and patatas bravas, with a Long Island Iced Tea. Perfect little lunch date with my partner, I'd definitely recommend the Lounge chain, they do awesome food and cocktails. They have their own vegan menu too which makes my life a hell of a lot easier. 

I was looking for a black background in the town centre for ages, then I realised there wasn't a great one for backdrops for outfit of the days so I was a bit bummed, (the last few have been in Leicester, in the restaurant square) but then the town's gay night club painted their building black. I'm gonna put that down to fate, I am... Cheers, Boston. 

The Dr Martens I'm wearing aren't actually vegan, they're a pair that I brought before the transition to a vegan lifestyle, but I always feel weird wearing them. I'll list them on my Depop account soon and buy some vegan ones. They have some awesome black vegan leather sandals at the moment, I might have to grab them. Not because I want to or anything, I just need to show demand, you know? (joke I need those in my life they are so beautiful eeeek) 

I don't do OOTD posts as often as I'd like, I enjoy shooting and writing random things about the day or updates on my life. and love seeing what other people wear and how they style things... I'm going to start doing a lot more.

Have a fabulous week guys,
StephLeaMead X

Monday, 1 May 2017

Kurt Cobain, Black Mandala and Pink Hair OOTD

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Kurt Cobain, Black Mandala and Pink Hair OOTD
Black and white mandala kimono with tassels - Mango
Kurt Cobain and Ernie from Sesame Street white tee - Romwe
Black high waisted skinny jeans - New Look
Black faux patent vegan leather high heeled boots - River Island
Faux leather red eye bag pack- Romwe
Rings (hamsa hand, black onyx crystal and silver patterned) - Etsy and Topshop
Clear Sunglasses - Vintage Preloved Kilo Sale

How cute and simple is this outfit? I love it. I feel like the long mandala kimono makes the whole get up though, for sure. Kimonos are my favourite things lately, I want them all. I saw a dusky orange silk/velvet kimono the other day and I almost bought it, but let's be honest I'd never wear it. When do I ever wear colour?! haha... Except for my hair y'know? It's all black and white. 

I've got two pieces from the online shop Romwe on here, and I've made another order since so I'm going to do a haul and review video on YouTube so watch out for that! Got a list of pros and cons to tell ya'll about, and show off the clothes, obviously.

So you can probably tell from the background that I was in Leicester again (like it's a black marble wall, are you even a blogger if you don't take pictures in front of it? lmao) there was actually a vegan festival there so I went to that, and was in food Heaven with a cherry Bakewell tart. I haven't had one since becoming a vegan, and I missed them SO much. It's a good job I only bought one otherwise I would have been stuffing them in my belly ad piling on the pounds haha, they were so bloody nice.