Sunday, 10 June 2018

Purple Shaggy Cardigan of Dreams - OOTD June

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Purple Shaggy Cardigan of Dreams - OOTD June

So I normally hate shopping this time of the year, because I don't know if you've noticed but I only tend to wear the colour black (It's been my favourite colour since I was two, seriously) and there's only usually pretty pink and pastel blue shades in high street shops. Nothing against those colours but it's not my thing! But then I realised it's festival season, and clothing made for festivals is over the top, sassy and unique. Hello, things I love...  (Although I'm not going to any festivals this year, unless it's the local carnival or town festival because hello I have no money haha. These photos were taken on the way to Northampton Carnival coincidentally!)
Festival look book coming soon? Watch out for it.

Anyway, meet my new favourite item of clothing. My big purple, shaggy, long line, fluffy cardigan. Thank God for Nasty Gal!

Click below to see the items I'm wearing!

Purple Over Sized Shaggy Cardigan - Nasty Gal 

Tattoo by Sophie Jess at Nevermore Tattoo Parlour - @BloodFlowersTattoo

I can't remember if I've ever included these metallic silver beauties from Primark before but they were only £3 in a sale. Heels for that amount is a bargain anyway, let alone silver Goddess things like those. Seriously, gotta love a bit of Primarni. A lot of my shoes come from there, even though I used to never buy footwear in there as I thought they would be awful quality and just break really easily, but I've never had a problem with them, especially considering how cheap they are. Ten years ago I would have been embarrassed to admit I had heels that cost that little, and that came from a cheap shop, but nowadays I shout it from the rooftops.
"I like your shoes Steph!"
"£3, Primark babes!"

 I moved out of my mummas house at the end of April - and I'm loving life living in my own home, with my partner and friend. It's super chill, lots of fun and I'm so glad I did it. I never ended up going to university, so didn't experience living with friends; so this is my little experience of that. Living for the vibe, and I'm just going with the flow. Who knows how long I'll be here, I'm hoping to travel after, or maybe even buy my own house somewhere, or even a camper van to just chill and travel in. We'll see where the future takes me. But for now, I'm happy. If you're thinking of moving in with friends, do it. I recommend it. Especially if it's your first time moving out, like me, it'll be fun and you get to ride the stresses out together. (I'm a big money worrier, so having other people to look at finances with me was such a blessing!)

I may do a blog post on this soon to help and give my advice on the topic. Maybe even a video with my partner and friend to share their views?

See you next time.
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 8 April 2018

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Review - Before and After Photos

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Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Review - Before and After Photos

Ok so I'm sure if you keep up with the new products in the make up world, you've heard of the new Fast Base Foundation sticks that Makeup Revolution have just recently launched.
(MUR have just re-branded as just 'Revolution' although I'm so used to calling them Makeup Revolution, I'll most likely not change that purely out of habit, haha) 

Now, I'm a massive fan out Makeup Revolution anyway as all of their products are cruelty free, and a lot are also vegan, so that makes it so much easier for me when looking for make up items. They sell exclusively in Superdrug in stores, and on their own online shop with TAM Beauty.
FYI, their eye shadow palettes? The. Best. The prices? £! Honey, grab one of everything.
So when I saw these foundation sticks being released, I just knew I had to try them and ordered off of the website ASAP. See my before and after photos and honest review below!

Normally, I really struggle to find my specific shade of foundation as I'm quite pale, so your usual drug store, high street foundations and concealers are very orange on me. This was one reason I was quite excited for these Fast Base foundations because they've got such a diverse range of shades. There are 18 in total, from light to dark, all with different undertones. I went with shade 'F3' which was the palest shade they had, with a slightly pink undertone.
On their official website they list off which shade is the best for you, so it's worth reading through the list if you're thinking of giving this foundation a go. Also, their customer service team will also happily colour match you if you shoot them a message on Facebook!

So as you can see from these 'before' photos, I suffer from acne. I have active acne spots and also acne scarring which is mainly on my cheeks. I wear foundation and concealer to cover up the spots and scars, so when I'm buying foundation I like it to be full coverage to hide them.
As well as the acne, I have dry patches on my cheeks, but my t-zone also gets really oily throughout the day, so finding a foundation that works with the combination skin is quite hard.

And here are the 'after' photos. The first photo is with one layer of the foundation on my skin, and the second photo is one another layer in places it was needed, and concealer where required, like under eyes, on spots and scars etc. I also have my eyebrows, eyeliner and mascara on, just to make myself look more human, haha.

So, first impressions?
(I'll get the second impressions later... Uh oh) 
Positive... I love it. It's so super quick and easy to use as it's in a compact solid stick. There's no pumping out too much on your hand of face and having to clean that up. You just glide it on parts of your face, and blend. Ta da, done.
I put it on the main areas of my face, two lines on my cheek, once down my nose and two small smidges on my forehead and chin, then moved it around to cover the whole area. I then blended more with a blending sponge, and set with some translucent powder, and it looked perfect.
It definitely covers my spots and scars, as you can see in the first photo, my skin looks so much clearer. 

Also, it's convenient to carry around with your in your bag, again, because of the small compact casing. It doesn't take too much room in a make up bag, and no worries about it spilling out.
It's well worth the money at only £5 - the cheapest foundation I've seen in a while, that's actually good, too! 

Now, on to the negatives... 
Despite all of the pros on this foundation, I do have some cons.
After a few hours with this on my face, it was starting to separate, go patchy and very oily. Now, take into account and bare in mind that my skin isn't the best to work with, and I do have problems with a lot of make up for this reason, so it may be fine for you, depending... But for this reason, it's not something I'd rush to buy again. 

The foundation stayed where my pores were, giving a weird texturised look to my skin, and was not staying put even after powder and setting spray were applied.
It feels quite drying to your skin, and can cling to wrinkles and feel heavy in areas, which is not great for someone with eye wrinkles and spots!

Now I will keep this foundation for emergencies, times I need quick application or back ups, but like I said previously, I most likely won't be buying again.
I'm not saying that the hype around this make up product is fake, this is just my opinion, and my skin not co operating. I'm disappointed, but hey, more foundation trials here I come... It's always fun to try new make up.

Try it for yourself if you were going to anyway, it's only £5, and hey it might be the perfect foundation for you! (Click here to go to the link)
Let me know how you've found it, and if you have any recomendations please let me know!
See you in the next post,
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 25 March 2018

Silver Chairs, Vintage Garms & Purple Hair - OOTD 25/03/18

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Silver Chairs, Vintage Garms & Purple Hair - OOTD 25/03/18

Black Beret Hat - Wish App - Click here for a similar item.
Black and Gold Mesh Top - River Island - Click here for a similar item.
Fluffy Pink Vintage Cardigan - Vintage Kilo Sale - Click here for a similar item.
Silver / Grey Velvet Skirt - Topshop - Click here for similar item.
Black Tights - ASOS - View item, here.
Silver / Grey Platform Heels - Primark - Click here for similar item.
Silver Arm Chair - Vintage Retreat, Northampton - See their page, here.

Hey, lovelies!
   So as mentioned previously, I'm moving out of my parents house into a home with my partner and best friend, and I feel all the emotions! I'm very excited and happy, but I'm quite scared and nervous too. The pit of my stomach feels like I'm on a fair ground ride when I think about it. First time paying my own bills, first time cooking for myself every single day, first time not being in the same house as my Mama. But at the same time, I also get to experience true independence for the first time, and I get to go through this adventure with some of the closest people I have. We've got this!

I guess that sort of explains the silver chair now, right? I picked this up today from a local vintage store in Northampton called Vintage Retreat, and I just had to have it! It's super unique, and it will look so bad ass in my new living room. I adore popping into vintage shops, sales and fates because you literally never know what you may find. Everything is really quirky, different and individual. You probably won't find anyone else with that same thing, and that's just one of the positives about it.
Would it be wrong to style the living area solely around that one item? Of course not...

Also - New hair colour alert! I'm in love with this colour, I planned for it to be a shade lighter, but I didn't pre-lighten my hair so my own fault!
I used Adore African Violet, which I buy from either Amazon or a local hair dye shop, but here's a link to the Amazon listing for you -  Adore Shining Semi Permanent Hair Colour, 113 African Violet
I need to go to the hair dressers soon to get my roots done, but I'm kind of loving the root look... I'll do it soon!

- If anyone is a cruelty free and vegan make up fanatic like me, come back to read and see my review of Make Up Revolutions Fast Base Foundation Sticks, and also their new Conceal and Define wands - I'm in love, see for yourself why, with pictures of my Acne and how well it covers!
See you next time,
StephLeaMead X

Thursday, 8 March 2018

Feminism and Me, Feminist Clothing and International Womens Day. March 18

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Feminism and Me, Feminist Clothing and International Womens Day. March 18

I am a feminist. 
So, what is a feminist? A feminist, by definition, in the Oxford Dictionary is 'An advocate or supporter of the rights and equality of women'.
The word equality there should have emphasis on it, because I find that as soon as you say the word feminist and/or feminism, a lot of people assume you want women to rule; that you think the female gender are far superior to the male race. Not true, one bit.
To me, it's absolutely crazy that everyone isn't a feminist. I mean, why wouldn't you want all genders to be treated the exact same?

I'd love to live in a world where women get the same pay as their counterparts whether they are men or women. If a person A is in a job and has the same roles and responsibilities of person B, regardless or whether they may have a vagina or a penis, they should be awarded the same benefits and pay.
I'd love to live in a world where the adjectives 'strong' or 'boss' aren't automatically assigned to males, and the words 'pretty' or 'cute' are all that young girls should aspire to be, despite what t-shirts may dictate.
I'd love to live in a world where a woman can decide what is happening to their body, and not have people sit in a boardroom discussing on whether or not they can make the decision for themselves to, for instance, abort a baby that is not wanted for whatever reason. #RepealThe8th

So, why do we still celebrate International Womens Day today, and do we need feminism now? 
Just one hundred years ago, women in the UK were given the right to vote. (Remind anyone else of the song in the Disney film Mary Poppins? Same.) The first women in politics, Nancy Astor, was in 1919, and many more have came, with Theresa May in power currently.
We have come a long way in the UK with womens rights, true, but despite this; we still have a long way to go, and here's why;
-10,000 women in the UK alone are forced into sex work, as many as 6,000 in London.
- 85,000 women were raped last year (12,000 men also) making it, on average, 11 attacks an hour.
- Women are being asked in job interviews when they plan on having babies, and how much time they will take off of work, whilst men are not given this question.
- Half of British women feel that they are under represented at work, and feel they are not spoken for in politics.
And there are many more points to add to this list.

Support girls, influence others, celebrate women's achievements, don't stereotype based on gender.
Come together on the 8th of March, and everyday;  be a feminist with me.
Visit the websites below to learn more about International Women's Day, Feminism, and to donate to the charities.

Feminist, like me? Get a top like the ones below to let the world know!
How cute would they be styled with high waisted jeans, a faux leather jacket and a beret? Yes please.

Thanks for reading this blog post, especially one about an important issue!
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 25 February 2018

OOTD - Pink Hair, Flared Trousers and Sisterly Love. Feb 18

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OOTD - Pink Hair, Flared Trousers and Sisterly Love. Feb 18
lol at my cold goose bumped neck, hurry up Summer!  
Hey Queens!
Here's the outfit of the day post I promised to do to show off the funky flared trousers I bought in the January Sales, how amazing are they? I feel super sassy whenever I wear them and must look like an 80s dancing queen. I got a lot of looks in them today in Waitrose, maybe the look was a bit too much for the middle class, organic buying Northamptonions, apologies to the traumatised man who could not stop staring at the flares and my pink hair. (Genuinely thought his jaw may drop off, haha)

Dancing in the street, or just throwing my cardigan at my sister? We'll go with the former, it sounds better...
See what I mean about the trousers? Fxxxing amazing. They're all black, high waisted and tight at the top, then flare starting from just below the knee, and the flares move when you walk (and dance, yeah, I know right?) and I don't think I've ever owned an item of clothing more perfect before.

The trousers aren't on the ASOS or New Look website anymore, but I've found similar styles, so I'll link them all below for you! (Click them to go to the websites)

River Island Black Asymmetric Frill Flare Trousers - Via ASOS 

ASOS Leggings with Fluted Flare Hem in Black - (These are the closest match!)

Stradivarius Black Subtle Kick Flared Cropped Trousers - Via ASOS

Bershka Full-Length Black Flared Bell Bottom Trousers - Via ASOS

Flared goodness and Velvet beauties from Primark! 

The black mesh top obsession continues, and I have no plans on stopping it ever. Ever. Also how amazing do my tattoos look peeking through it? Obsessed, literally.
In my last blog post there's a link list of black mesh tops I love, so go check that out if you haven't already, here -

The Necklace I'm wearing is from the app Wish, my beautiful friend Sharon gifted me it as part of my birthday present, and I love it! I love that app, I need to do a haul of things on there one day, honestly. It's super cheap as well.

Sexy roots. I know.
Had some fun and cute photos of me and my princess sister Jessie after shooting the outfit of the day, too! Look how cute she is! I have so much love for this girl, it's unreal. She's the sweetest, most caring person, a vegetarian, and future owner of her own veggie cafe. At only 12 years old, too, what a girl. My little mini-me, for sure! I can only apologise to our Mama for her craziness, haha.

Cheers for reading guys, see you in the next post...
StephLeaMead X

Saturday, 17 February 2018

January Sales Haul 2018 - Topshop, River Island, New Look, ASOS and more.

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January Sales Haul 2018 - Topshop, River Island, New Look, ASOS and more.

Ok, so let's talk January Sales... I'm literally excited for a good old January sale all year round, and I'm not even sure why, like ASOS have a sale on permanently, all shops have seasonal sales but there's just something real special about January sales. Why is that? Is it cheaper, is it because it's just after Christmas and you can spend more money on yourself (lol treat yourself always girl xo ) or is it just because it's a glorious excuse to splurge on more clothes. I vote all of the above, and more.

To be honest, I'm quite proud of myself this year, I didn't spend a heck of a let and I bought practical things I can wear 'out-out' and even to work with a bit of styling... I'm saving up at the moment to move house and what with deposits and furniture not being the cheapest things ever, that savings account is having to be built up instead of my wardrobe. Sad times, right? I know.

Anyway, let's get into the mini haul (that I should have really posted in January but hey, we'll let that one slide...) although I've not included everything such as my cold-shouldered pink satin dress, flared black disco pants, and silver culotte jumpsuit, and more, as they're hard to photograph, so I'm going to do an outfit of the day post for those instead, so watch out for that soon!

Black Mesh Floral Embroidered Top with Stud Details - Topshop 

This mesh top is my favourite purchase of the sales I think, plus it was a bargain and a half. Originally it sold for £42 but I bought it for £12, though it later got further reduced to £5. It's no longer available on Topshop's website so I'll link some other fave mesh tops I've found online that are hella cute. As well as a picture of my gold start mesh top from River Island which I bought for only £12 too. God bless black mesh tops, especially in the sale...
River Island Black Mesh Top with Gold Stars - My Amy Winehouse tattoo peeking through!

Other black mesh tops from the interwebs - 

Primark had a January sale on too (I know, it's cheap enough already, right? But I wasn't complaining haha) and I managed to bag these lovely western black ankle booties with star studs and buckles at just £3. I wanted to buy them in every colour and manage to stop at the black #proud

There were still some in my local Primark when I went in last (Northampton, hey girl hey) so it's worth popping in to have a little look, but I'll link similar ones from online, below...

The Jeans in the picture were also purchased in the sale, they were £20 down from £45 which is pretty damn good for Topshop. I'll link them, and similar below too!

Black Front Lace-up Skinny Jeans Tall - Topshop

Black Side Lace-up Skinny Jeans - Boohoo

So there's the peek at my January Sales haul, the rest I'll show you in outfit of the day posts, and styling videos. What did you guys get in the sales? Who's excited for the next seasonal one?
Thanks for reading,
StephLeaMead X

Saturday, 2 December 2017

Etsy Giveaway & Christmas Gift Guide 2017!

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Etsy Giveaway & Christmas Gift Guide 2017!
(Giveaway is at the bottom, also video link here!

Guys, I don't mean to alarm you but... "IT'S CHHRRIIISSTTMMMAASSSS" Too early for Slade yet? Sorry, haha.

So for those of you that have been following me a while, you know that I love supporting smaller, independent business' so I always buy gifts from there, and like to encourage others to do so, too!
Etsy is a website where business' can sell their handmade, and/or vintage products, so you end up finding some really unique pieces on there, which is perfect for presents, or even just buying yourself some cool bits and bobs (cuz y'know, treat yo'self).

I've picked out three sellers on Etsy to show you guys my favourite products on there at the moment, which are ideal gifts or for yourself, because in the words of Ru Paul "If you can't love yourself, how in the Hell are you gonna love somebody else" which basically translates to "buy yourself gifts before others at Christmas because... Love yourself" right? Right...

Anyway haha, let's get started...

So this Etsy shop called Classy Burd is owned by an awesome lady Linzi who illustrates and designs the items she sells. Ru Paul fans, your gonna love her stuff, the sickening top I'm wearing is just one of the Ru merch she has, there's also Sharon Needles tops and totes, and of course prints too. Sharon Needles is literally my favourite queen, the Sharon bag is on my wishlist for sure. Such perfect presents!
Check them out with the links below...

Ru Paul 'Sickening' tee -

Sharon Needles 'Spooky B*tch' Bag -

Louis Theroux 'Gangsta' Print -

The next shop which is perfect for stocking fillers is this little jewellery store; In The Moment. I love getting jewellery from places like this, as their much more unique and more my style than what I'd find anywhere else. It's also all handmade, and you can customise some pieces and choose whether to have a chain or a fabric necklace, which makes it feel more special!
Check out the super affordable pieces below... 

Ganesha Charm with Fabric Necklace -

Lotus Flower Charm Necklace -

Snowflake Charm Necklace -

And last but not least... Cosh Illustrates! Again, the lovely owner Clara designs and illustrates all of the artwork you see on her products, which are amazing. I picked my two favourite things on the shop, surprise surprise, drag related again haha... Jeremy Corbyn in drag though, no less! She also does a Theresa May mug which says Sashay Away, perfect to buy a Torie for Xmas, haha!
The Morrissey tee is brilliant, I've wanted a Morrissey and/or The Smiths tee for ages now, so glad I have this one. I mean, he's for sure my saint, xo
Check out the mug, tee and other goodies below...

Jeremy Corbyn in drag 'Shantay you stay' - 

Black Morrissey Saint Tee -

Star Wars Princess Leia Tee -

Now for the giveaway! 
Want to win a £25 Etsy voucher, which you can spend anywhere on the site, on anything you want?
Enter below for your chance to win!

Good luck! ('and don't f**k it up' hey Ru)
See you next time,
StephLeaMead X