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Sunday, 4 May 2014

From Riches to Not Quite Rags...

I don't know about you, (though I'm guessing we're all in the same boat, unless you're from MIC!) that you flick through Vogue, Elle, and Porter magazines lusting after every designer piece which is waaay out of your price range? I do it too frequently *sob* so thought I'd compile this blog post on current designer things I'm lusting, and comparing them to their not so lets-empty-every-penny-from-the-bank price range look-a-likes! I know, exciting, isn't it...

Kate Moss' Topshop collection killed me for the same reason of 'oh look, I'm a student and have no money'. Actual weeping. So, surprisingly, here's my first copy cat style steal...
Missguided - £24.99

Kate Moss x Topshop - £225
 Everyone loves a good fringed jacket, and the one that Kate Moss brought out with Topshop was just absolute perfection. The detailing on the pockets and the sleeves makes the jacket even more of a beauty.
Alas, I cannot afford £225, so I head over to Missguideds website in search for a similar festival perfect piece, and of course, I found one!
The fringed jacket sold on MissGuided is a lot more simplistic opposed to Kate Moss' but it is still an amazing style statement piece, which I'll definitely be wearing again and again. (Plus, my bank balance likes me more)

You can find both of these lovely garments here -
Kate Moss x Topshop -

River Island - £45

Little White Lies - £220
A simplistic black jumpsuit is my Spring/Summer go to piece. I love that Jumpsuits are an outfit in itself, and you can literally just throw it on, and look effortlessly stylish, and 'Vogue' as my Film lecturer told me, haha!
After seeing a black jumpsuit in a high end fashion magazine, I was instantly on the search for a similar one in a high street store, and River Island had them stocked right in the front of store. £45 down, but I look and feel great, and spent less than I would on a whole outfit too. Bonus.

The links to these two lovely items are here-
Little White Lies -,-1&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=Noir

Asos - £45

Phillip Lim - £625
Jeans aren't really my 'thing' but these ones by Phillip Lim are unique and kinda quirky, and I loooove them. Too bad the price tags about £600 over my limit, eh?
Of course, Asos come to the rescue, as ever, and give us these 'Farleigh High Waist Mom Applique Jeans' with the same style as Lims gorgeous pair.
FYI, I don't actually have these, as I know I'd grow tired of the applique patches real quick, but they're a great alternative to printed leggings, and Phillip Lims extortionate pair!

Here's the links, duckies -

BooHoo - £20
Vanessa Bruno - £265
Lace is my ultimate spring/summer material, especially in white. Such a versatile style too, as you can be effortlessly girly, or grunge it up with a leather jacket and heels, so easy. I'll definitely be doing this through Summer.
White lace dresses are everywhere at the minute, but when I saw this Vanessa Bruno number, I knew I had to have it. (This was before looking at the cost...Oops, haha)
BooHoo have a lovely variety of white lace dresses, playsuits and jumpsuits, and I also found this similar one to Vanessa Brunos, yay!

Links to these gorgeous dresses - 
Native Rose - £55
Little White Lies - £120
I'm literally loving Kimonos this season, (although they remind me of the awful knitted ponchos I was forced to wear as a child, I'll hide those family photos...) especially laced, chiffon and tasseled beauties.
Kimonos are definitely an easy style staple, and you can literally throw them on with any summer outfit and look incredible. Coachella was full of people wearing Kimonos, did you see Vanessa Hudgens? Love!

Here are the links -
Little White Lies -,-1&sh=0&pge=0&pgesize=36&sort=-1&clr=White

Native Rose -
Kurt Geiger - £295

God of all shoes Gods Kurt bloomin' Geiger, guys. I don't own a pair of KGs and this makes me a very sad lady, for obvious reasons. Eh, I guess I'll just settle for copy-cat styles, or last season KG heels that are shoved in TkMaxx (Which seem to never have my size in nice shoes, *sigh* one day)

Links to these lush shoes - 

That's it for this post, lovelies! If this post is a hit, and you all enjoy it, I'll be doing one a season, finding the best dupes etc.
If you have any other ideas or suggestions for blog posts, videos, anything at all... Just comment!

I hope you enjoyed this post, have fun in the lovely sunny weather!
Love, StephLeaMead X

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