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Thursday, 21 August 2014

OOTD, Stanwick Lakes and Photography Fun!

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OOTD, Stanwick Lakes and Photography Fun!
Hello, little loves!

Summer is nearly over, noooo! I'm so looking forward to Autumn/Winter fashion and going back to college, though! Summer gets a bit tedious, in my opinion, especially with weather in the UK!
So, last week I had the day off, so my boyfriend and I thought it would be fun to venture up to Stanwick Lakes, Northamptonshire, to have a cute little picnic, feed the ducks, mess around on the assault course and take a little adventure. We didn't plan on doing any 'photo shoots' but being photographers, of course our DSLRs got lumbered around with us, and naturally we set up on various locations throughout the lake setting in the wheat field, next to the mud hut, in the swamp and so on!

If you haven't been to Stanwick Lakes before, I'd definitely recommend going on a lovely Summers day, especially with younger kids as there's so much for them to do. My younger sisters loved the water themed park, and splashed around with the wellies on. Stanwick Lakes is in Northamptonshire, just in between Thrapston and Kettering.
Black Duster Coat - H&M
Black Strappy Jumpsuit - River Island
Navy Wellington Boots - Hunters

Me and my sisters blend in well with the Celtic guy, right? 
... Aaaaaand, the final image, up on Karl Smarts Photography! 
Check out my boyfriends photography on his Facebook page, at -
His work is awesome, and he's got some dates left for weddings, events and portraiture if you're looking for a photo shoot at all, you should contact him! :)

I'll see you in the next blog post, my little loves.
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Tuesday, 5 August 2014

National Underwear Day, 2014!

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National Underwear Day, 2014!
Happy National Underwear Day, lovelies!
Haha, I actually was totally oblivious toward there even being an 'Underwear Day' in existence, but as I was scrolling through Twitter and Instragram, I was educated and made aware of it!
NUD was founded by a lingerie company called 'Fresh Pair' and in an attempt to promote their underwear, they tried to beat the Guiness World Record for 'largest gathering of people in their underwear' in Times Square, New York, just last year. Unfortunately, they went defeated, losing to the Utah 'Undie Run' with 2,270 people! Wowza, haha!

I love underwear, though I'm not knowledgeable on what is stereotypically deemed as the most comfortable fit, what's best for specific body types, or what will 'turn on' the absolute hottie you're dating, but I do know what I think is lush, so I've compiled a post on where to get pretty lingerie!
I bloomin' love suspenders, I love lace, and I love the colour black. I think we have perfection in suspenders, here!
I found these beauties on ASOS, and I recently brought the VIP thingy they offer, which includes free post and packaging for next day delivery and all of that jazz, and I tempted to stick these babe in the basket...
Here's the link if you're as easily tempted as me! -
Oh look, a black lace bra, I think there's going to be a pattern here...
This lovely thing is from Anne Summers, and I'll admit that I'm not a massive fan of Anne Summers. I often pop into their store in the centre of my town and have a gander, and their babydoll's always catch my eye, but I dislike the look and feel of their bras and knickers.
Here's the link!
Black... Lace... If you're a fan of bright and colourful lingerie, this definitely isn't the blog post for you, haha...
This gorgeous babydoll is from the amazing Boux Avenue, which is my favourite lingerie store. I've never visited a store as there isn't one local, but I'm always on their website. I love everything of theirs!
Linky link -
Boux Avenue again, I love, love, love them! I need this black lacey slip dress / chemise, it's gorgeous.
Until this point, I've never realised that the majority of my underwear is made of black lace... Oops!
Bet you didn't expect to see any colour here, haha... A lovely laced pink 'Rita Balconette' bra from BouxAvenue! I think this bra is so cute, and I love the little satin straps and the lace detail.
Here's a link to this beautiful bra -
Ok, so I have something to admit... I'm OBSESSED with Topshops novelty printed 'boy pants' and have way too many of them! Scratch that, you can never have too many cute novelty print pants, ever.
Every time I go into Topshop, even if it's just to look, I always come out with three. The Little Mermaid, Gremlin and The Wizard of Oz panties are definitely my fave!
Here's a link to their boy pant collection, try not to get too carried away... -[209802|208533]&noOfRefinements=1

I hope you liked this post, and have had a lovely National Underwear Day!
I'm off to go and put on my prettiest set and parade around my bedroom in them, dancing to Luke Concannons new album. If you haven't heard it, go have a listen! Luke is one half of Nizlopi who sang the JCB song back in 2006. Here's a link to his YouTube Channel! -
He's perfect. My crush forever xooxo
See you next time, loves! :)
StephLeaMead X