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Sunday, 27 December 2015

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration ft. ASOS!

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New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration ft. ASOS!
Hey lovelies! Now the Christmas festivities are all over, it's time to focus on the night of the year - NYE! So, if you're like me you would have left planning your outfit until the very last minute (Thank you for next day delivery, ASOS!) so I'm here to be your saviour & give you some inspiration, and my top picks from ASOS (your welcome)

1. Club L Gold sequin & mesh plunge dress - click here
2. Reclaimed Vintage sheer black tassel dress - click here
3. Club L Mermaid sequin short dress - click here
4. ASOS NIGHT Metalic skinny strap emerald dress - click here
5. Spiritual Hippie bodycon black long tassel dress - click here

These are some of the most gorgeous dresses I've seen, and they're all perfect for New Years Eve, whether you've got a formal event, a house party or going out to town in pubs and clubs. I want to order them all! I already have a few NYE outfits picked out which I just need to choose from, including the Spiritual Hippie tassel dress shown up above (which is now only £10 in the January Sales fyi)

I normally only wear black clothing (fave colour, duh) but I'm really feeling the sparkly vibes this time of the year, and green is creeping it's way into my wardrobe (and hair!) lately. So mermaidy. Being compared to a mermaid & a witch is definitely not a bad thing! Nope.

So, hit the January sales, scour through ASOS and scramble through your overflowing wardrobes for that perfect new years outfit, and have a fabulous time!
May this year be your best year yet... Happy new year! 
Thanks for reading,
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Birmingham Christmas Vlog ft. Lush, Urban Outfitters & German Market!

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Birmingham Christmas Vlog ft. Lush, Urban Outfitters & German Market!

Hey gurl! I hope you enjoyed the mini vlog up there!
My boyfriend and I took a little day trip into Birmingham with the intention of visiting the German market & go ice skating... Being typically me, I was too indulged in shopping and we didn't end up going ice skating after all, doh!
As we didn't go ice skating this time, we've planned to go to either Milton Keynes or Peterborough on my birthday next month instead, woo!

The German market in Birmingham centre is absolutely huge! We have one in Northampton at the moment, but it's nowhere near the size of this one. They had such a variety of stalls which were all so unique, including crepé bars, soap & bath bomb stands, craft beer & hotdogs, and my favourite of all, crystals & stone stall!
I adored having a wander around the market, it felt so festive, especially amongst the carousel, giant santa & huge twinkling pine trees!

Whilst in Urban Outfitters looking at the records, I was thinking about buying a new record player because the Crosleys in there look so cool, especially the black & brown, but I've heard a few bad things about them... Are they really that bad? If you've had any experience with them, I'd love to hear it!

In Lush I brought a few things I've never tried before, like the Christmas wand, and it's sooo super nice! I don't usually go for things like that, and would normally stick to the Snow Fairy scented things, but I really loved it.
I love the look of Old Father Time soap, too! So tempted to buy the whole wheel of it for the aesthetics... Keep it as an ornament, haha. The smell reminds me of Camden markets, it's similar to incense sticks, it's lush... See what I did there, see? ... I'll go now, haha.

I'd love your feedback on this little mini vlog! It's a bit different from the normal chatty vlogs you see. If you haven't already, check out my previous video which is all about supporting small, independent business' on Etsy, with a little 'haul'!

Thanks so much for reading, lovelies!
StephLeaMead X

Saturday, 21 November 2015

Chi Chi London || Christmas Party Wear

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Chi Chi London || Christmas Party Wear
'Lottie' Midi Dress - Chi Chi London
Black Court Heels - New Look
Quartz Crystal Necklace - Serenity Project

🎶What a briiighht time, It's the riiiight time, to rock the night awayyy... 🎶
(Mean Girls quote and Christmas song in one, oohh yeaaah! Haha)

I absolutely adore this Chi Chi London 'Lottie' dress, I literally feel like a princess in it, especially with the layers of petticoat and underskirt which is already in the dress. Can't help but twirl and swish when you walk, it's like a basic requirement of wearing this dress!

Chi Chi London have masses of beautiful dresses of all different styles, but when I saw this black one (who would've guessed I'd have chosen black, right?!) with elegant silver embroidery, mesh half sleeves and scalloped cut on the bottom and neckline of dress, I quite literally fell in love.

The length of the Lottie dress is really beautiful, it's the perfect length for this style of dress. First thought for me? Means you could get drunk and not worry about either stepping on the bottom of the dress, or showing off your little lady parts... Christmas party dress and/or wedding dress sorted! haha

Another great thing about this dress, other than it's length and beauty, is the structure around the boobie area. I don't have the biggest assets around, and with dresses like these that's a pain in the butt, but because of the structure with the padding on the boobs on the Lottie, I still had shape and the dress didn't look like a had extra room hanging there. (not very flattering at all, trust me...)

This... This is the amazing neckline I was talking about, the cut is incredible. Because of this you don't need a necklace, but I thought this one from The Serenity Project really complimented the whole look.

I'm always apprehensive when buying embodied pieces of clothing, because I'd catch the threads on my nails, jewellery or whatever else possible, but with this dress I didn't have that worry, it's been very well made. The design of it is just so gorgeous, you can check out other other pictures from their website, here: http://www.chichiclothing.com/products/Chi-Chi-Lottie-Dress.html  

One thing I would recommend to you if you were buying this dress, or similar from Chi Chi London, though... I'd probably size up! I struggled to get this on over my shoulders and chest area (and it's not like I have big boobies to blame for that, haha!) It was quite an experience with my boyfriend & I squeezing it on my body.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! (shooting in a little village in the morning got me some quite interesting looks, haha)
Thanks to Chi Chi London, Don Marketing, Revive Photographic and Serenity Project!
Watch out for my Small Business' Christmas Gift Guide including more beautiful pieces from Serenity Project and more!
Thanks lovelies,

StephLeaMead X

Saturday, 7 November 2015

InstaNatural Mud Mask Review!

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InstaNatural Mud Mask Review!
Maaaan, I love me some facial masks, so was pretty psyched when InstaNatural kindly gifted me with a 19oz pot of absolute joy.
Since I've grown the balls and started shunning away any product that contains anything from animals, or that has been tested on animals, I've obviously had to ditch some beloved products in search for cruelty free ones, and InstaNatural Dead Sea Mud Masks are just that.

So, my boyfriend and I have both used this now, and really like it. The consistency of the mud mask is so strange whilst in the pot and first application, it's wet and putty-like (Which makes for an amusing sound, especially when drunk haha).
Once you've applied it, leaving the eye and lip area out, and left it for around 15 minutes, it dries and is clay-like, which makes your face SO stiff, it's funny trying not to laugh with it on, ouch haha.
When it turned hard, I thought it'd be a pain in the butt to wipe off, but it was so easy. It instanly wiped away with cold water, which immediately revealed my silky soft skin. (I made everyone in my household stroke my face, it was that soft...)
See the wet, gooey consistency of immediate application on myself...
Aaand the dry, clay-like consistency after 15 mins on my boyfriend, Karl!
As previously stated, this product is 100% natural, and is totally animal cruelty free, which is what I adore about this product the most. Also, it's supposed to really help with acne blemishes, which I struggle with quite a bit, so I'm excited to see, as time goes on, how much it helps. Normally when I try new products my skin gives my grief and I wake the next day with big red lumps everywhere, but I was surprised to see that this didn't happen with this, so sounds promising!

The website for InstaNatural also boasts that this products minerals detox and purify your skin by removing dirt and oil, helps to reduce appearance of wrinkles, clears your complexion and that it can also sooth and relieve muscle aches, amongst more... I'll let you check that out, here: http://instanatural.com/products/dead-sea-mud-mask and on Amazon, here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00OPCHAB6

Be sure to check them out, and myself on social media, which I'll link down below!
@StephLeaMead on Instagram and Twitter
and +InstaNatural here on Twitter and Instagram

See you next week, lovelies.
Look out on my YouTube channel for exciting collaborations with ChiChi London, and an awesome Make Up Revolution video!
StephLeaMead X

*I have not been paid for this blog post, or my opinions, and they are completely my own. I was given this product for free, though would only post my honest, unbiased views.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

☽ Halloween ft. Smiffys! ☾

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☽ Halloween ft. Smiffys! ☾

Happy Halloween, guys! My absolute favourite holiday ever, duh... 
  I was super stoked when Smiffys said they'd send me a halloween costume, and when it arrived I started practising my skull make up straight away, much to the dismay of my family... Soz guys.

I got this 'Sugar Skull Cat' from them... It's basically a black morph suit with really funky designs inspired by 'Day of the Dead' or 'Dia de los Muertos'. I love this because it's such a great costume, really easy to just throw on and the quality of the printing is incredible.
If you struggle for something to wear this Halloween, something like this is great because this one costume is the whole thing, you just need to do your make up, perhaps add some floral hair accessories and job's a good'un. (did i really just say that...) 
Two negatives to this costume... The sizing isn't all that great, I got it in an XS, being a size 6-8, and it was quite baggy on me from the hips down... I think if it was made from a different material, this costume would be perfect. Although, there's a cats tail attached on the back, which I don't fully understand the logic behind. I've personally never linked cats and sugar skulls together, but each to their own, right? haha... 

Also, wouldn't recommend a full body suit if you're doing the whole drunk thing, unless you've got someone on hand to unzip it for you when you need 'break the seal' (wee, for you normal people)...

If you'd like to bag this costume for yourself, check it out on Smiffys website, here: https://www.smiffys.com/sugar-skull-cat-costume

They also have loads of other cool costumes to suit what you're looking for, including celebrities, fairy tale characters, and animals! 

I'm actually away on holiday for Halloween this year, and I'll be travelling on Halloween so me and my little sisters are going to have our own version of Halloween instead. Pretty gutted I won't be going out drinking, or going to parties etc, but trust me, I will still dress up!

Have a fabulous Halloween,
until next time,
StephLeaMead X


Saturday, 26 September 2015

'Legend' The Kray Twins Movie Review

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'Legend' The Kray Twins Movie Review

Ok so, this isn't my usual type of post as I don't typically review movies, but how could I resist voicing my opinion of Tom Hardy's phenomenal performance as BOTH Reggie and Ronnie Kray?!
If he doesn't win an Oscar, or any other type of award for this, there's something wrong! His performance was honestly a triumph, incredible...

I've always been fascinated by the Krays. Notorious criminals always grab my attention, and I want to know everything about them, especially the way their minds work... Now whilst this film is biopic, it still illustrates their not so glamorous lifestyle to you, all whilst making you laugh (mostly at Ronnie's absurd outbursts) and cry. (Didn't everyone whilst witnessing Frances Shea, Reggies wife, commit suicide?)

The way this film was shot was incredible. Each scene was so aesthetically pleasing (see gif. above), I genuinely gasped at the mise en scéne in that particular shot, (knew I didn't study media for nothing... Ahem)  the composition is beautiful and really couldn't have been done better in my opinion.
Also, the casting is perfect. As already mentioned, I cannot fault Tom Hardy's performance as the identical twins, and Emily Browning has the perfect look to play Frances Shea. The majority of the cast actually look similar to who the were portraying, as well as depicting their characters perfectly, too.

Most memorable in this movie for me personally is Frances Shea's delicate voice almost narrating throughout the movie. One particular line I remember, and one which made me sob, was after it showed her suicide, and saw Reginald and her brother, Frankie, in despair. We then hear Frances say something along the lines of "I bet you thought I lived to tell the tale, and that everything was alright in the end" (Don't quote me word for word on that one! haha) I sobbed. Resinates with me scarily well!
Also, the at times adorable romance between Reg and Frances, sharing lemon sherbet sweets during a kiss, sticking up for one and other, the marriage which her mum despised. Whilst their relationship was very troubled, it felt like something you'd dream of.
Favourite parts of all? Ronald's temper, whilst very real and dangerous in the real world, was very funny to watch on screen. For instance, Frances mother refused to sing at her and Reg's wedding, so he storms up to her and orders her to "F**king sing!"
And he was very flamboyant with he sexuality, and when offered a few 'nice girls' he states "actually, I prefer boys. Italians. Sometimes Greek but I am not prejudiced." with a very serious tone and facial expression, whilst Angelo Bruno bursts into laughter, I did too!
And, see the gif above? I don't think that one needs explaining. Nope...

Here's a link to the movie trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI3v6KfR9Mw
I would definitely recommend this to everyone, I'm not sure how long this is screening for, so hurry!

StephLeaMead X

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Primark Wishlist September 2015!

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Primark Wishlist September 2015!
Mens Red Tuck Stitch Jumper - £15
Black Bow Leather Gloves - £7
Monochrome Check Trousers - £14
Camel Roll Neck Top - £4
Vanilla & Coconut Jar Candle - £3
Black PU Dress - £13
Mens Check Shirts - £6
Black Structured Brogues - £14
♫ It's the most wonderful time of the yeeeaaarr  ... Nope, not quite Christmas just yet! I'm talking about my favourite season, AUTUMN... Or fall, if you're American, which sounds prettier than Autumn in my opinion!
I adore Autumn. The days are getting chillier, which means layering of clothes, hot drinks and duvet days. Oh, and of course Halloween is coming up which is the best holiday, but that's another blog post all together, haha...

I've been so impressed with Primark recently, and I'm lusting after so many items, it's unreal! Though, to be honest, their website products let them down, so I'll show you some of their Instagram & shoot pictures with their clothing as well as the first picture of products!
I'll apologise in advance, because you'll probably want to buy everything I'm about to show you! I know I do...

Absolutely gorgeous delicates! I want these in every colour, especially black... £10 for both!
Such a timeless piece to wear again and again, cable knit jumpers are my fave. And for just £10 you can't complain!
A BTS preview of their upcoming A/W party wear. That black lace & chiffon dress is a dream! 
The perfect finishing touch to your layered up outfit! Tartan, check and dog tooth, I love! £4 each.

I'm off to my local Primark store to scout out each and every one of these items... Let's all sympathise with my bank balance because let's face it, it's so easy to spend all of your money in any Primark store! Especially with these gorgeous, cheap pieces to hand.

Happy spending! (Whoopsie)
StephLeaMead X

Monday, 6 July 2015

OOTD ft. Style By Portobello & Make Up Revolution!

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OOTD ft. Style By Portobello & Make Up Revolution!
Hey guys! I've got a really lovely, Summery post for you today featuring an online vintage subscription box called 'Style By Portobello' and a dash of my new favourite make up brands called 'Make Up Revolution'. (Note the awesomely bright velvet lip lacquer!)
Anyone who knows me knows I absolutely freakin' adore anything and everything vintage, and I'm forever scouring local vintage and charity shops for the best homeware and clothing finds. This is why I was so excited when I was contacted to review and style the items I received from my cute little SBP vintage box.
Bag, belt and necklace - Style By Portobello
Boots - Dr Martens
Socks - Topshop
Dress - Miss Selfridge
Hat - Asos
Lilac Lipstick - Make Up Revolution
I've seen a lot of monthly subscription boxes that are up for grabs lately, but this one has got to be one of the best I've seen!
So, how would a vintage subscription box work, exactly? Well, after signing up to their website here - stylebyportobello.com you tell the amazing stylists what your personal style is so they can individually hand pick you the best stuff they discover at Portobello. Perfect if you don't have the time or patients to rummage through endless amounts of vintage goodies yourself, right?

After this, you'll receive three items in your box which will be either jewellery, bags, belts, and/or scarves. In my magical box, I received a little coral beaded necklace, a brown leather belt and the cutest floral tapestry bag you'll ever see. (How did they know I was obsessed with tapestry?! Those stylists are gooooooood!) (See images below)
The best thing about it? You receive brand new (sort of, haha) vintage accessories to jazz up any outfit. Check out how I rocked up a simple little black slip dress with just a few of my accessories!

How bloomin' amazing is the Make Up Revolution Velvet Lip Lacquer? It's very similar to Lime Crimes Velvetines, but only £3! And surely for that price they can't work, right? Wrong, they are incredible and something that will be in my fave list for a very long time I think! I've brought three this week, and I'm already lusting for more colours...

If you've subscribed to Style By Portobello, or any other similar subscription box, let me know! I think they're such a cool idea, I'm having to resist signing up to them all!
I hope you enjoyed this post, don't forget to follow me and SBP on our social media pages, such as Instagram and Twitter by searching @StephLeaMead and @StyleByPortobello and I'll see you guys on my next post!
Have a really lovely week, heres to hoping the weather stays nice so more fun times in the sun can be had!
StephLeaMead X

Saturday, 21 March 2015

Black OOTD and (too much?) Info Update! △ 21.03.15

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Black OOTD and (too much?) Info Update! △ 21.03.15

Hat || Vintage - Nutshell Vintage
Heeled Boots || Truffle - ASOS
Black Ripped Jamie Jeans || Topshop
Black T-shirt Dress || Sparkle & Fade - Urban Outfitters
Choker and Necklace Set || New Look
John Lennon Style Sunglasses || Camden Market
Fluffy Black Coat || Topshop
Tapestry Cat Bag Pack || Camden Market
All Make up || MAC
Hello, guys! This is my first blog post in a very long time, as I've had a break from the blogging/social media world to concentrate on other areas of my life.

Also, due to situations in my life, I've taken absence from college too, and it may sound very cliché but, to try and 'find myself'...I've been attempting to live my life as normal, not giving myself the time to breathe after recovering from an eating disorder, whilst still living with depression and anxiety problems.
Even though I've made recovery in my eating disorder, at stressful times, I can relapse and subconsciously let the anorexia take over my state of mind, draining me of motivation to attempt anything at all.
College made me breathless, social media made me fixated on superficial materials, conversing with fake friends made me stressed, so I stopped... I just stopped.

I've always made the naive assumption that in order to be successful, you have to have shit loads of qualifications, a bank account with infinite 0s, hundreds of friends, have the appearance of a supermodel, etc. Basically, superficial things. The materialistic desires, the 'as long as I look good it doesn't matter how I feel' sort of mind set.
I've come to discover that, whilst those things are nice, it doesn't bring you peace and happiness when your body lays in the cushion and throw adorned 'only aesthetics matter, not comfort' bed.
Happiness matters, real friends matter, smiling until your jaw aches, laughter that makes your belly hurt, singing so hard to My Chemical Romances Black Parade until you drop to the floor out of breath. Adventures, discovery, joy, soul... True happiness. 'Life is what you make it'.
If I was reading this somewhere, I'd cringe. I'd mutter 'Jesus Christ' and close the tab. Like I said at the beginning of this paragraph though, cliché... But it's true.
From now on, If I'm not happy, I'm not doing it. :)

I feel I'm at a place in my life now, where I can begin to achieve things without blindly obeying whatever my parents say, that teacher, this person in authority, that person on TV. I feel like I can now make my own decisions on what I want to do, prioritising my happiness opposed to how 'successful' I may or may not be depending on this college class, that homework, those people.

I've decided blogging is something I do WANT to do, and have wanted to do for years. So... Here I am.
I'm planning on producing more blog posts, and I want to start creating videos on YouTube that are fashion, beauty and lifestyle related... Or, just anything I want to blog or vlog about! I have a few ideas lined up to film, but if you have anything you'd like me to film such as a tutorial, lookbook or advice, let me know in the comments, or message me on one of my social media accounts! :)

For now, this is me.
I'd apologise for rambling, but wouldn't that be contradictory of this post? ;)
Thanks for reading,