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Saturday, 26 September 2015

'Legend' The Kray Twins Movie Review

Ok so, this isn't my usual type of post as I don't typically review movies, but how could I resist voicing my opinion of Tom Hardy's phenomenal performance as BOTH Reggie and Ronnie Kray?!
If he doesn't win an Oscar, or any other type of award for this, there's something wrong! His performance was honestly a triumph, incredible...

I've always been fascinated by the Krays. Notorious criminals always grab my attention, and I want to know everything about them, especially the way their minds work... Now whilst this film is biopic, it still illustrates their not so glamorous lifestyle to you, all whilst making you laugh (mostly at Ronnie's absurd outbursts) and cry. (Didn't everyone whilst witnessing Frances Shea, Reggies wife, commit suicide?)

The way this film was shot was incredible. Each scene was so aesthetically pleasing (see gif. above), I genuinely gasped at the mise en scĂ©ne in that particular shot, (knew I didn't study media for nothing... Ahem)  the composition is beautiful and really couldn't have been done better in my opinion.
Also, the casting is perfect. As already mentioned, I cannot fault Tom Hardy's performance as the identical twins, and Emily Browning has the perfect look to play Frances Shea. The majority of the cast actually look similar to who the were portraying, as well as depicting their characters perfectly, too.

Most memorable in this movie for me personally is Frances Shea's delicate voice almost narrating throughout the movie. One particular line I remember, and one which made me sob, was after it showed her suicide, and saw Reginald and her brother, Frankie, in despair. We then hear Frances say something along the lines of "I bet you thought I lived to tell the tale, and that everything was alright in the end" (Don't quote me word for word on that one! haha) I sobbed. Resinates with me scarily well!
Also, the at times adorable romance between Reg and Frances, sharing lemon sherbet sweets during a kiss, sticking up for one and other, the marriage which her mum despised. Whilst their relationship was very troubled, it felt like something you'd dream of.
Favourite parts of all? Ronald's temper, whilst very real and dangerous in the real world, was very funny to watch on screen. For instance, Frances mother refused to sing at her and Reg's wedding, so he storms up to her and orders her to "F**king sing!"
And he was very flamboyant with he sexuality, and when offered a few 'nice girls' he states "actually, I prefer boys. Italians. Sometimes Greek but I am not prejudiced." with a very serious tone and facial expression, whilst Angelo Bruno bursts into laughter, I did too!
And, see the gif above? I don't think that one needs explaining. Nope...

Here's a link to the movie trailer on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI3v6KfR9Mw
I would definitely recommend this to everyone, I'm not sure how long this is screening for, so hurry!

StephLeaMead X

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