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Saturday, 10 October 2015

☽ Halloween ft. Smiffys! ☾

Happy Halloween, guys! My absolute favourite holiday ever, duh... 
  I was super stoked when Smiffys said they'd send me a halloween costume, and when it arrived I started practising my skull make up straight away, much to the dismay of my family... Soz guys.

I got this 'Sugar Skull Cat' from them... It's basically a black morph suit with really funky designs inspired by 'Day of the Dead' or 'Dia de los Muertos'. I love this because it's such a great costume, really easy to just throw on and the quality of the printing is incredible.
If you struggle for something to wear this Halloween, something like this is great because this one costume is the whole thing, you just need to do your make up, perhaps add some floral hair accessories and job's a good'un. (did i really just say that...) 
Two negatives to this costume... The sizing isn't all that great, I got it in an XS, being a size 6-8, and it was quite baggy on me from the hips down... I think if it was made from a different material, this costume would be perfect. Although, there's a cats tail attached on the back, which I don't fully understand the logic behind. I've personally never linked cats and sugar skulls together, but each to their own, right? haha... 

Also, wouldn't recommend a full body suit if you're doing the whole drunk thing, unless you've got someone on hand to unzip it for you when you need 'break the seal' (wee, for you normal people)...

If you'd like to bag this costume for yourself, check it out on Smiffys website, here: https://www.smiffys.com/sugar-skull-cat-costume

They also have loads of other cool costumes to suit what you're looking for, including celebrities, fairy tale characters, and animals! 

I'm actually away on holiday for Halloween this year, and I'll be travelling on Halloween so me and my little sisters are going to have our own version of Halloween instead. Pretty gutted I won't be going out drinking, or going to parties etc, but trust me, I will still dress up!

Have a fabulous Halloween,
until next time,
StephLeaMead X


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