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Saturday, 21 November 2015

Chi Chi London || Christmas Party Wear

'Lottie' Midi Dress - Chi Chi London
Black Court Heels - New Look
Quartz Crystal Necklace - Serenity Project

🎶What a briiighht time, It's the riiiight time, to rock the night awayyy... 🎶
(Mean Girls quote and Christmas song in one, oohh yeaaah! Haha)

I absolutely adore this Chi Chi London 'Lottie' dress, I literally feel like a princess in it, especially with the layers of petticoat and underskirt which is already in the dress. Can't help but twirl and swish when you walk, it's like a basic requirement of wearing this dress!

Chi Chi London have masses of beautiful dresses of all different styles, but when I saw this black one (who would've guessed I'd have chosen black, right?!) with elegant silver embroidery, mesh half sleeves and scalloped cut on the bottom and neckline of dress, I quite literally fell in love.

The length of the Lottie dress is really beautiful, it's the perfect length for this style of dress. First thought for me? Means you could get drunk and not worry about either stepping on the bottom of the dress, or showing off your little lady parts... Christmas party dress and/or wedding dress sorted! haha

Another great thing about this dress, other than it's length and beauty, is the structure around the boobie area. I don't have the biggest assets around, and with dresses like these that's a pain in the butt, but because of the structure with the padding on the boobs on the Lottie, I still had shape and the dress didn't look like a had extra room hanging there. (not very flattering at all, trust me...)

This... This is the amazing neckline I was talking about, the cut is incredible. Because of this you don't need a necklace, but I thought this one from The Serenity Project really complimented the whole look.

I'm always apprehensive when buying embodied pieces of clothing, because I'd catch the threads on my nails, jewellery or whatever else possible, but with this dress I didn't have that worry, it's been very well made. The design of it is just so gorgeous, you can check out other other pictures from their website, here:  

One thing I would recommend to you if you were buying this dress, or similar from Chi Chi London, though... I'd probably size up! I struggled to get this on over my shoulders and chest area (and it's not like I have big boobies to blame for that, haha!) It was quite an experience with my boyfriend & I squeezing it on my body.

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did! (shooting in a little village in the morning got me some quite interesting looks, haha)
Thanks to Chi Chi London, Don Marketing, Revive Photographic and Serenity Project!
Watch out for my Small Business' Christmas Gift Guide including more beautiful pieces from Serenity Project and more!
Thanks lovelies,

StephLeaMead X

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