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Sunday, 6 December 2015

Birmingham Christmas Vlog ft. Lush, Urban Outfitters & German Market!

Hey gurl! I hope you enjoyed the mini vlog up there!
My boyfriend and I took a little day trip into Birmingham with the intention of visiting the German market & go ice skating... Being typically me, I was too indulged in shopping and we didn't end up going ice skating after all, doh!
As we didn't go ice skating this time, we've planned to go to either Milton Keynes or Peterborough on my birthday next month instead, woo!

The German market in Birmingham centre is absolutely huge! We have one in Northampton at the moment, but it's nowhere near the size of this one. They had such a variety of stalls which were all so unique, including crepé bars, soap & bath bomb stands, craft beer & hotdogs, and my favourite of all, crystals & stone stall!
I adored having a wander around the market, it felt so festive, especially amongst the carousel, giant santa & huge twinkling pine trees!

Whilst in Urban Outfitters looking at the records, I was thinking about buying a new record player because the Crosleys in there look so cool, especially the black & brown, but I've heard a few bad things about them... Are they really that bad? If you've had any experience with them, I'd love to hear it!

In Lush I brought a few things I've never tried before, like the Christmas wand, and it's sooo super nice! I don't usually go for things like that, and would normally stick to the Snow Fairy scented things, but I really loved it.
I love the look of Old Father Time soap, too! So tempted to buy the whole wheel of it for the aesthetics... Keep it as an ornament, haha. The smell reminds me of Camden markets, it's similar to incense sticks, it's lush... See what I did there, see? ... I'll go now, haha.

I'd love your feedback on this little mini vlog! It's a bit different from the normal chatty vlogs you see. If you haven't already, check out my previous video which is all about supporting small, independent business' on Etsy, with a little 'haul'!

Thanks so much for reading, lovelies!
StephLeaMead X

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