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Sunday, 27 December 2015

New Years Eve Outfit Inspiration ft. ASOS!

Hey lovelies! Now the Christmas festivities are all over, it's time to focus on the night of the year - NYE! So, if you're like me you would have left planning your outfit until the very last minute (Thank you for next day delivery, ASOS!) so I'm here to be your saviour & give you some inspiration, and my top picks from ASOS (your welcome)

1. Club L Gold sequin & mesh plunge dress - click here
2. Reclaimed Vintage sheer black tassel dress - click here
3. Club L Mermaid sequin short dress - click here
4. ASOS NIGHT Metalic skinny strap emerald dress - click here
5. Spiritual Hippie bodycon black long tassel dress - click here

These are some of the most gorgeous dresses I've seen, and they're all perfect for New Years Eve, whether you've got a formal event, a house party or going out to town in pubs and clubs. I want to order them all! I already have a few NYE outfits picked out which I just need to choose from, including the Spiritual Hippie tassel dress shown up above (which is now only £10 in the January Sales fyi)

I normally only wear black clothing (fave colour, duh) but I'm really feeling the sparkly vibes this time of the year, and green is creeping it's way into my wardrobe (and hair!) lately. So mermaidy. Being compared to a mermaid & a witch is definitely not a bad thing! Nope.

So, hit the January sales, scour through ASOS and scramble through your overflowing wardrobes for that perfect new years outfit, and have a fabulous time!
May this year be your best year yet... Happy new year! 
Thanks for reading,
StephLeaMead X

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