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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Casual OOTD ft. White Converse || Cloggs

Hey, lovelies! Todays blog post is a really casual, street style outfit of the day including some shiny new white Converse which I received from an online shoe store, Cloggs
Check out the pictures below taken by Revive Photographic and read on to see how I styled them up and how I found ordering from Cloggs... Be sure to check them both out!
Check out how pristine they are?! I wonder how long that will last... Haha
So, we all know and love Converse, right?! When I saw Converse on their website, amongst other brands such as Dr Martens, Vagabond, Hunters and UGG, I was super excited and ordered from them after finally deciding which ones to get. (took me a long time, shoe lovers you'll understand me... haha)
Their website is really great to use, it's so simple and easy to understand. They have the standard categories at the top of the page, and from there you choose your category (in my case it was woman's) and a drop down menu springs from this, and you can then choose from sub-categories 'top brands'; 'by style' or 'best sellers'. I really love this feature and found it really helpful, I liked having a gander through each web page to see the variety of shoes they sell, and what was popular!

Here's what I decided to order, in the end!:

So after ordering, I got an email to confirm the order and payment, and another to tell me when it's on the way! Super handy. (Yes, the excitement kicks in again haha)
Delivery was brilliantly quick, and they came in their Converse cardboard box all neatly packed with tissue paper, until I impatiently ripped them out, anyway...
Onto the OOTD! Of course I had to style them up casually, so out came the black ripped skinny jeans (Topshop, lads) my boyfriends navy, baggy striped tee (trusty Primark) and a leather jacket from Bench that I've had since I was 13...
This is literally the most comfiest outfit, and I think it's so effortlessly chic, too. It gives me Alexa Chung, off duty model vibes through and through. Converses totally suit that stylish look, too!
Great outfit to just chuck on when you don't want to make the effort, but still want to look and feel nice. I definitely related to this today... Shopping with a hangover required a simple look, haha. 
Black leather jacket and long blue hair. Felt a bit badass, I won't lie...
Confession time, folks... I fell out of love with Converse for a very long time. I had a fashion love affair with them when I was a young teenager, and owned a few pairs of the high tops in various colours and patterns, but my style then evolved and I ended up giving them away to my sister or charity shops. I'm so glad I got these from Cloggs though, as I have now fallen in love with them again! I'm going to try and keep these for little trips to shops or something, opposed to dog walks and camping adventures. I used my black Vans for everything and they are well and truly wrecked! Haha.

Let me know what you style your Converse with in the comments below! I'd love to know everyones style.
Also, I'm thinking of doing a blog series aimed specifically at men bi-monthly and wondered if you thought it was a good idea, and would be interested? I want to do mens fashion posts, reviewing products and getting opinions from men, etc.
I don't think there's enough blogs or beauty reviews out there aimed at males, so thought it'd be good, and fun too! Let me know in the comments :)

Thanks so much for reading guys, and be sure to check out Revive Photographic and also Cloggs for all your photography and shoe needs!
StephLeaMead X

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