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Thursday, 24 March 2016

How to Maintain Healthy Long Hair! || Envy Hair Care Review

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How to Maintain Healthy Long Hair! || Envy Hair Care Review
Hey! So I bet you're here because you want to be let in on my secret to gorgeous, long, thick hair?
I'm forever getting compliments and questions regarding my waist length hair (amongst some silly, negative comments about the green coloured dip-dye, but we'll forget about that haha) such as how do I make it grow so fast, how do I keep my hair healthy, what products I use and so on! Unfortunately I can't tell you how to grow your hair faster, my sisters and I all have super long hair and it just seems to be in our genes, though I can tell you how I maintain my soft, long hair, below!

Admittidly, I can be quite lazy with my hair care often neglecting to even brush through it, and rarely washing it that frequently either. (I wash it around once a week, I'm not that bad haha) 
Although when I do take care of it, I want it to be properly nourished, and left feeling incredible and looking beautiful, so I never skimp on hair care products or brands.
Recently I've been using a professional brand of hair care appropriately named 'Envy' which is sold throughout hairdressing salons, and also online at
I have the Envy blow dry set which includes a shampoo, conditioner and a dual fix, which is a pre-wash hair treatment and all I can say is that if God existed and he gave us a single, solitary gift; THIS. WOULD. BE. IT.

Firstly, the products come in a organised square, matte black gift box that firmly holds and showcases these perfect products in. The aesthetics of the packaging are so great too, they look sophisticated and sleek with a pop of bright green, I love it. It's acceptable to recycle these into keep sake boxes afterwards, right? Because that's so what I'm doing...
The boxes make it seem like a high end product, too, and I think they'd be amazing as a gift.

In the blow dry box set, as previously mentioned, you get three products which all work so well. The first product (in the order you would use them) is the Dual Fix 12 multi-action hair treatment which you apply on un-clean hair from root to tip and then blow dry, just before washing. This comes in a structured pump bottle, and comes out as a white foam. This product, when used on it's own, gives my hair so much volume and makes it super soft and I can definitely tell when I haven't used. Although this product this have a pretty big negative effect... It can slightly strip your hair colour! It dulls my colour so much, it is quite a con and does put me off using it, so if you have coloured hair bare this in mind!

Now onto the shampoo! It's such a runny, watery consistency which really worried me and made me feel quite apprehensive over the quality of the shampoo. I thought I'd have to use a lot of it, I thought it wouldn't look or feel clean, and so on although I was so wrong. The smallest squirt of this shampoo goes a long way, and it feels incredible in your hair. My favourite thing about this product? (other than the fact it's vegan!) is the smell, it's incredible and it reminds me of Aussies hair care range. Sweet, bubblegum esque smell that actually lasts on my hair! In. Love.

And finally, on to the best vegan hair conditioner in the world! (not my opinion, fact, duh...) 
Completely opposing the foamy pre-wash treatment, and water based shampoo, this conditioner is so thick and dense. It feels quite heavy when applied to your hair, and takes a little while to completely wash out of the ends of your hair, too. But I swear by this conditioner as my hair has literally never been softer in my life! I'm constantly stroking it now, it's amazing.
As well as making your hair as soft as unicorn clouds, it makes it super shiny! I have glimmery bits of green shimmers running through my hair and I feel more like a mermaid-goddess than ever all thanks to this nifty hair care set. Even though it's specified for blow drying, you don't even need to do that in order to feel all of it's benefits!
I definitely recommend shunning your current hair routine and swapping it out for this, you won't regret it!

Have you tried this before? What do you swear by when it comes to hair care? Let me know!
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Thursday, 10 March 2016

Business Card Review || Aura Print

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Business Card Review || Aura Print
Hey so ... Guess who just totally upped their game and got some business cards for their photography biz? Yep, that's right, me... Well, me and my partner Karl, actually. I won't take all of the credit here!

We got these sleek business cards from Aura Print and I can't even begin to tell you how super impressed I am with them. Not only was the customer service absolutely brilliant from start to finish (I'll talk about that in more detail below!) but the cards themselves are incredible.
So there's plenty of options to choose from on their website, and a huge variety of business cards alone ranging from thick to thin, card to plastic and even foil embossed font. Fancy, huh?
Well, we chose the 800gsm (super thick, for people that don't know. Don't worry, neither did I!) and do you know what makes it so thick? They have coloured cores. Like, literal cores that are colourful.
Did you know that existed, because I didn't?! Look, look...

The whole process is really easy and simple, and their website is clear and great to navigate around. (Anyone else get über stressed with difficult websites and eventually give up? I know I do...)
Upon choosing the basic type of business card you desire, you then just need to fill in a few more details such as colour, size, quantity, colour of the core, and then upload your own design (Or get them to design it!) and poof, you're done. Job complete. Finished. Like magic, you got yourself some nifty little business cards...
Ok so you may have to pay these people money, and wait for shipping time or whatever, but you know what I mean...

I've previously ordered business cards from other companies such as Moo and VistaPrint, and unfortunately I have never felt positive about that experience at all. I was not, and will not be, a repeat customer of those aforementioned business' but with Aura Print I can guarantee I will be a customer again and again, they're great! The people are absolutely lovely, and talked me through what to do, and even when I messed up they were more than happy to assist me with any query I had and even checked over them for me! (I've ordered business cards with mistakes on before, whoops!)
You get that warm friendly feeling you do with a small, independant business, and the professionalism of a large, corporate company. Perfect combination, if you ask me!

My little business cards even came in their own little organised plastic boxes, carefully and stylishly packaged in extremely bright pink rolled up tissue paper, and in a matching box with a sticker that read "Don't you wish your business cards were sexy like me?" and I don't know what else would make you love a business more. Like honestly? So funny! 10000 brownie points from moi... look!

Overall, I'm extremely happy with my colour core business cards from Aura Print and have already received a bunch of compliments and brilliant first impressions from them, I can't wait to order some flyers, posters and eventually more business cards with them! Highly recommend, lovelies!

If you wanted to have a sneak at my business, Revive Photographic, here are the links to the website, and also the Facebook page!
Have a nosy gander and let me know what you think, it's always great to hear constructive criticism and compliments!
I'll be holding a giveaway soon with prints from Revive Photographic, so keep tuned if you want to revamp your bedroom with a cool print!

Have you ordered from AuraPrint, or any other printing company before? What was your experience?
StephLeaMead X