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Wednesday, 18 May 2016


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Green and Blue Tartan Two Piece - Love Too True
Faux Black Leather Jacket with Tassels - New Look || similar here
Yaya, my favourite kind of blogging post, a good old fashion outfit of the day! This is what initially captured my interest in the world of blogging, and I realised I've been slacking in the OOTD post department lately, so I thought I'd come back with a vengeance in my sassy ass green and blue tartan / check two piece which I brought from small, independant boutique Love Too True!

I freakin' adore two piece, co ordinates so much. I think they're super effortlessly cool, especially when the pattern is a grunge, dark tartan loveliness. It's my favourite print, and I'm currently attempting to purchase a suit for my boyfriend that matches, or is similar, to this... If you know of one, holla! A girl needs her cringey tacky, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake double denim circa 2001 moment. Emphasis on the word needs...

Rings - Dizen Clothing
I want to order everything from Love Too True at the moment... They have a Cher from Clueless (or Iggy Azalea in 'fancy' if you're younger!) two piece that is life itself, and I just have to have it.
Instagram allowed me to discover the clothing brand owned by twin sisters, who hand make each garment. How rads that?
I kept seeing them pop up in tags, and on my home feed and after entering their competition to win a item of choice and not winning, I couldn't get the outfit I wanted out of my head so I had to order it.
They're my rules of buying clothes... If they appear in my dreams, or I can't stop styling it up, consider the purchase made. rip bank account. hello blogging excuse.

My blue, now green hair, is starting to fade big time now, and I'm not sure whether to dye it a light lilac shade, or whether to go back to bright green. Do I ombre style dip dye it again, or do I do it all over? Shall I chop my long length off? Hair crisis, seriously. What shall I do?!
I may dye the ends a lighter blonde and keep alternating between colours. Have a bit of fun with it, who knows... It may be the end of my hair full stop if I try and dye it myself with a box dye... I could pull off the bald look. Sinead O'Connor it. Why not...

See this tartan boxy top and trouser set on their website, here.

I'm gonna be wearing  the death outta this bad ass outfit for the foreseeable future, so this maybe the last ootd you see from me, unless I order more shit from their site. Soz, not soz.
Is the red tartan one too much? With a skirt this time, instead... yaaasss!

What's your wardrobe staple at the moment? Have you ordered from Love 2 True, or want to?
Until next time,
StephLeaMead X

Friday, 13 May 2016

Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness || Pictures & Review!

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Natureland Seal Sanctuary in Skegness || Pictures & Review!
Pixie the seal at Skegness Seal Sanctuary, what a cutie patootie! 
So, I visited Nature Land, the seal sanctuary located in Skegness, Lincolnshire, on our last bank holiday, and I had the best time! Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely adore all animals so much, and to know that I would be watching, interacting, learning and feeding a variety of animals had me super excited! What makes this better is that it is a sanctuary that help injured and orphaned animals; and also the admission money and gift shop profit goes towards helping these gorgeous animals, how incredible?!
So, if you're searching for an ethical day out involving animals, read on and visit!
Jessica and I cooing over the baby seal pups! They made some epic noises...

The Skegness seal sanctuary rescue and rehabilitate little orphaned and injured baby seal puppies that get washed up on the beaches of Lincolnshire, including popular beaches Skegness and Ingoldmells.
They do really incredible work with the seals such as ensuring they put on enough weight and are developing healthily, and recover from their injuries to name a few. It's difficult for them at first as they can't be taught to drink from a bottle like other animals, so progressively they have to learn to eat fish whole, which can take them a few weeks.

At feeding time for the seals, the worker informed us of the works the sanctuary have done over the years, and told us how as soon as the seals are healthy and ready, they release them back into the wild by taking them down to the sea front in cages, and letting them do their thing in their natural home. They've actually rescued nearly 1000 seals since their opening... Amazing, right?!

This seal was getting rather impatient whilst waiting for her food... My spirit animal, haha!
Don't let the name fool you either, they don't just home seals here! They also take care of a wide variety of animals include; Penguins, meerkats, lizards, goats, alpacas, turkeys, rabbits, birds, butterflies and more!
It was lovely to see a real mixture of animals all being looked after in one place, fantastic for kids, too. My ten year old sister and I actually got to feed the goats in pets corner and the greedy alpacas, as they sell bags of food in the gift shop for only 50p! That was a great first time experience.

We had to keep sneaking food for two of the alpacas, as one was really greedy and tried to steal it all, haha!
Some of the seals that we got the pleasure of meeting were actually released a few days after we visited Natureland, as I saw from their Facebook page. They update their social media with news of the animals in their care if you wanted to have a gander, here:

I would definitely recommend visiting Nature Land Seal Sanctuary, and it's actually number two on the list of things to do on Trip Advisor, and they received the Certificate of Excellence from TripAdvisor, too!
It's located right next to the Skegness pier, has it's own cafe (though has no vegetarian or vegan option, which we were surprised/shocked. My only quarrel, though!) and is actually very cheap to enter. Admission price for children is £6.00 and adults are £8.50, and there are a bunch of offers and discounts on the website! (though we chose not to use them, as it's for a worthy cause!)
Here's their website so you can check out their pictures, offers and find out more!

Now I know I read these type of blog posts just for the animal pictures, because animals are the cutest, so I'll treat you guys and show you a few which I took!
Other than that, this is the end of this post, thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoyed!
Let me know if you've ever been to Nature Land, or anywhere similar, I'd love to visit other places like this!
StephLeaMead X

Saturday, 7 May 2016

Etsy Homeware and DIY Haul || Shop Small and Independant!

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Etsy Homeware and DIY Haul || Shop Small and Independant!

Hey, guys!
So, if you've seen any of my Christmas or Valentines Etsy hauls on YouTube and here on my blog, you'll know that I absolutely adore shopping small and supporting independent businesses!
I think it's super important to support new, small and/or local businesses rather than big corporate companies, and I always find the best, quirkiest stuff and receive better customer service with smaller companies!

I purchased some cute things from various, individual sellers on Etsy in the last week or so, and thought I'd show you guys my mini haul (I love having a nose at hauls and getting inspo!) 

The first two pieces which I purchased are these absolutely gorgeous concrete letters dipped in copper from Concrete Alphabet for mine and my boyfriend Karl's bedroom.
They are 20cm tall, made from concrete with half dipped copper paint, and I'm in love!
My little S & K make for the perfect bedroom decor, and I've already got plans to have them at our wedding, perhaps on the top table or with the cake, how cute?! (No pressure Karl, mate...) 

Josie, the shop owner, is the most loveliest person ever and has the greatest customer service ethos, seriously! I told her exactly what I wanted, and she accommodated, and updated me whilst hand making my custom order, showing me before paint, informing me when she posted, and so forth.
It's safe to say I left her gleaming feedback on her Etsy page, and now I'm hyping her and Concrete Alphabet on here, too! I can't recommend enough, go check her out at

Girls and guys, I present to you the holy grail of all candles ever to grace this earth... A PALMA VIOLET, PASTEL BLUE SKULL CANDLE. Say whaaaaaat...
   Yep, I almost had a fit when I stumbled across these on my Etsy homepage and rampaged on to their shops profile. Much to my boyfriends dismay as he had actually already purchased two of them for a surprise present for me... Safe to say it was no longer a secret as he just had to tell me.

I've now got two of these little fellas from Ember Candle Co and counting. Is one in every colour, in every room a bit excessive or nah? We'll go with the latter and pastel skull the house up! Go, go, go...
Check these guys Etsy page out, here they are taking a short break, but will be back up and running on the 21st of May, 2016!
Patience is a virtue, remember guys...

Aaaand finally, the last thing I brought from an Etsy seller is this great alphabet stamp set from TGO2014. I brought these for my boyfriends photography business, Revive Photographic to stamp our clients names or initials to keepsake boxes, name tags etc for a rustic aesthetic overdrive, haha.
I love the wooden box that they came in, as they make for great decoration. Bit of DIY and home-ware in one, perfect!

One thing I really dislike about this product though, is that the stamps themselves are just wooden pieces with a rubber stamp stuck on the end. It's not attached properly, which then makes the product feel and appear to be quite tacky and cheap. At the end of the day I did pay under £10 for them, and you pay for what you get, right? So I can't complain at all, really... It does do the job, though!
Check out the Etsy page for this product, here

So that concludes my Etsy haul. Do you see why I love small, independent shops? How incredible are these items?! I'm in love. I'll always be a vintage and charity shop, and small business girl, for sure.
Everything is so unique, and feels more personal that way, which is better than mass produced Primark goods. (though a girl does love a bit of Primark every now and again!)

What's your favourite item in this haul? Do you have your own business, and/or Etsy shop? Have your purchased anything from a local, independent seller recently? Let me know in the comments!
StephLeaMead X

A video of all of the stuff on this blog post can be seen over at

Disclaimer: all products were purchased with my own money, and views are my own. Photography is by Revive Photographic. 

Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Espirt Wish List || Copper Homeware & Soft Grunge Spring Clothing

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Espirt Wish List || Copper Homeware & Soft Grunge Spring Clothing
All things in this wish list are from ESPRIT
1) Decorative matte white and copper small bowl 

   Hey friends! So I came across Esprit whilst browsing the older interwebs the other day and pretty much fell in love... (No prize if you guess how well my spending ban is going, it's clearly not!)  

You may have seen my Copper homeware wish list which I posted a few weeks back, check it out if you haven't by clicking here.
I'm really into monochrome and copper homeware recently, it's super gorgeous and Epsrits range is no exception! I'd love those bowls to store pieces of jewellery in, heck even to eat out of... Is that weird? ... Haha.
Also, Imagine that metallic platter on your make up desk with your favourite perfume, a candle and some statement jewellery? Aesthetics on point.

The homeware at Epsrit reminds me of pieces that I've seen from New Look, Ikea and Home Sense / TkMaxx. (and I love me some Home Sense! Their Made in India range is everything) 
I may have to put in an order for all of Epsrits homeware, all absolutely necessary for the new flat of course...

I've been really intrigued by Scandinavian street style fashion as of lately, too, and it's influencing my style quite heavily. Incorporating that sense of style with my beloved bohemian and gothic steadfast go to look, I picked out a few bits and pieces from Esprit that I'm lusting after.
I particular adore the black and floral tailored jumpsuit, it's so effortlessly chic and stylish, and you could wear it casually and dress it up for a chilled night out in the spring and summer.
Also those Palazzo pants give me serious Vanessa Hudgens / Coachella bohemian princess vibes, cute!

The black lace little black dress which I included in this wish list also really reminds me of the Chi Chi London dress I've got... A girl can never have too many extravagant, pretty chiffon lace things though, right? See the ChiChi dress by clicking here.
Esprit have loads of dresses that are absolutely perfect for prom and weddings, I had serious dress envy whilst browsing their website! I need the perfect excuse to buy them all... Someone give me one?!

Let me know if you guys enjoy these wish lists, they seem to be pretty popular! I love making them, I feel as if I'm shopping without the guilt and empty bank balance, haha!
See you soon!
StephLeaMead X

Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Coconut Lane || Accessory and Homeware Haul & Review ft. Discount Code

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Coconut Lane || Accessory and Homeware Haul & Review ft. Discount Code
Scroll down to see my Coconut Lane haul & review! 20% discount code: StephLeaMead20
Silver screw/nail ring and marble phone case from Coconut Lane. Crystal and Hamsa Hand ring from Dizen Clothing.

So I'm pretty obsessed with indulging in homeware and accessories, and I'm always lusting after bits and bobs from Primark to Urbanoutfitters, vintage shop finds and D.I.Y goodies...
I was pretty thrilled when I discovered Coconut Lane, all of their home accessories and jewellery pieces are absolutely stunning, and the prints are the sassiest things that you could wish to embellish your walls with! (Seriously, check those sass levels!) 

I ordered a few items after much contemplation over which one of each item to get (I mean I should've ordered them all, buuuut I didn't) and of course I just had to get something from their new Luxe range! Marble print galore, quay style sunnies and awesome mermaid esque phone cases! Love.

I ended up purchasing five items from CL, including the chic black and white iPhone 5 case, some quay style irridescent blue sunglasses, fun emoji stickers, a silver ring that's styled as a nail and a silk marble print cushion cover from their Luxe range, because everyone needs matching phone cases and cushions, especially if it's a monochrome marble print, right? Duh...

I'm in love with every piece that I brought, as it's all super cute and amazing quality! Each piece is very affordable, on trend and Instagram worthy! I will admit, I was quite skeptical at first, as I am with all places if I haven't ordered from them before, but I was pleasantly surprised and Coconut Lane is now up there in my favourite places to shop. (Even my boyfriend agrees, and he's fussy! ha!) 

Also, the customer service is brilliant, too! They will answer any questions you have, and are very polite and bubbly through email and social media.
The sunglasses that I brought were out of stock, and Charlotte (the owner!) informed me straight away and was very apologetic and offered me an array of alternatives, and when I finally decided I'll wait until the ones I chose were back in stock, she kept me up to date with the process, and sent them out as soon as she had them with no extra post and packaging charges or anything. Super nice!

Another positive point; the website is incredibly easy to use and navigate yourself around. Everything is in categories, photographed well with a great description and they even have a 'new in' section so you can keep updated with new designs... Not that you needed tempting anymore!

How adorable are these emoji stickers?! Scrap book tiiimeee!
Don't forget, if you're ordering and would like 20% off of your final order (what a silly question, of course you want discount ;) ...) then use my discount code: StephLeaMead20

Go check out the video featuring all these amazing products over at!

What's your favourite piece that I brought from Coconut lane? Have you ordered from here before? Let me know if you buy anything! I'd love to see your goodies :)
Have a fabulous week, guys!
StephLeaMead #Coconut Queen! X