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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Etsy Homeware and DIY Haul || Shop Small and Independant!

Hey, guys!
So, if you've seen any of my Christmas or Valentines Etsy hauls on YouTube and here on my blog, you'll know that I absolutely adore shopping small and supporting independent businesses!
I think it's super important to support new, small and/or local businesses rather than big corporate companies, and I always find the best, quirkiest stuff and receive better customer service with smaller companies!

I purchased some cute things from various, individual sellers on Etsy in the last week or so, and thought I'd show you guys my mini haul (I love having a nose at hauls and getting inspo!) 

The first two pieces which I purchased are these absolutely gorgeous concrete letters dipped in copper from Concrete Alphabet for mine and my boyfriend Karl's bedroom.
They are 20cm tall, made from concrete with half dipped copper paint, and I'm in love!
My little S & K make for the perfect bedroom decor, and I've already got plans to have them at our wedding, perhaps on the top table or with the cake, how cute?! (No pressure Karl, mate...) 

Josie, the shop owner, is the most loveliest person ever and has the greatest customer service ethos, seriously! I told her exactly what I wanted, and she accommodated, and updated me whilst hand making my custom order, showing me before paint, informing me when she posted, and so forth.
It's safe to say I left her gleaming feedback on her Etsy page, and now I'm hyping her and Concrete Alphabet on here, too! I can't recommend enough, go check her out at

Girls and guys, I present to you the holy grail of all candles ever to grace this earth... A PALMA VIOLET, PASTEL BLUE SKULL CANDLE. Say whaaaaaat...
   Yep, I almost had a fit when I stumbled across these on my Etsy homepage and rampaged on to their shops profile. Much to my boyfriends dismay as he had actually already purchased two of them for a surprise present for me... Safe to say it was no longer a secret as he just had to tell me.

I've now got two of these little fellas from Ember Candle Co and counting. Is one in every colour, in every room a bit excessive or nah? We'll go with the latter and pastel skull the house up! Go, go, go...
Check these guys Etsy page out, here they are taking a short break, but will be back up and running on the 21st of May, 2016!
Patience is a virtue, remember guys...

Aaaand finally, the last thing I brought from an Etsy seller is this great alphabet stamp set from TGO2014. I brought these for my boyfriends photography business, Revive Photographic to stamp our clients names or initials to keepsake boxes, name tags etc for a rustic aesthetic overdrive, haha.
I love the wooden box that they came in, as they make for great decoration. Bit of DIY and home-ware in one, perfect!

One thing I really dislike about this product though, is that the stamps themselves are just wooden pieces with a rubber stamp stuck on the end. It's not attached properly, which then makes the product feel and appear to be quite tacky and cheap. At the end of the day I did pay under £10 for them, and you pay for what you get, right? So I can't complain at all, really... It does do the job, though!
Check out the Etsy page for this product, here

So that concludes my Etsy haul. Do you see why I love small, independent shops? How incredible are these items?! I'm in love. I'll always be a vintage and charity shop, and small business girl, for sure.
Everything is so unique, and feels more personal that way, which is better than mass produced Primark goods. (though a girl does love a bit of Primark every now and again!)

What's your favourite item in this haul? Do you have your own business, and/or Etsy shop? Have your purchased anything from a local, independent seller recently? Let me know in the comments!
StephLeaMead X

A video of all of the stuff on this blog post can be seen over at

Disclaimer: all products were purchased with my own money, and views are my own. Photography is by Revive Photographic. 

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