Wednesday, 18 May 2016


Green and Blue Tartan Two Piece - Love Too True
Faux Black Leather Jacket with Tassels - New Look || similar here
Yaya, my favourite kind of blogging post, a good old fashion outfit of the day! This is what initially captured my interest in the world of blogging, and I realised I've been slacking in the OOTD post department lately, so I thought I'd come back with a vengeance in my sassy ass green and blue tartan / check two piece which I brought from small, independant boutique Love Too True!

I freakin' adore two piece, co ordinates so much. I think they're super effortlessly cool, especially when the pattern is a grunge, dark tartan loveliness. It's my favourite print, and I'm currently attempting to purchase a suit for my boyfriend that matches, or is similar, to this... If you know of one, holla! A girl needs her cringey tacky, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake double denim circa 2001 moment. Emphasis on the word needs...

Rings - Dizen Clothing
I want to order everything from Love Too True at the moment... They have a Cher from Clueless (or Iggy Azalea in 'fancy' if you're younger!) two piece that is life itself, and I just have to have it.
Instagram allowed me to discover the clothing brand owned by twin sisters, who hand make each garment. How rads that?
I kept seeing them pop up in tags, and on my home feed and after entering their competition to win a item of choice and not winning, I couldn't get the outfit I wanted out of my head so I had to order it.
They're my rules of buying clothes... If they appear in my dreams, or I can't stop styling it up, consider the purchase made. rip bank account. hello blogging excuse.

My blue, now green hair, is starting to fade big time now, and I'm not sure whether to dye it a light lilac shade, or whether to go back to bright green. Do I ombre style dip dye it again, or do I do it all over? Shall I chop my long length off? Hair crisis, seriously. What shall I do?!
I may dye the ends a lighter blonde and keep alternating between colours. Have a bit of fun with it, who knows... It may be the end of my hair full stop if I try and dye it myself with a box dye... I could pull off the bald look. Sinead O'Connor it. Why not...

See this tartan boxy top and trouser set on their website, here.

I'm gonna be wearing  the death outta this bad ass outfit for the foreseeable future, so this maybe the last ootd you see from me, unless I order more shit from their site. Soz, not soz.
Is the red tartan one too much? With a skirt this time, instead... yaaasss!

What's your wardrobe staple at the moment? Have you ordered from Love 2 True, or want to?
Until next time,
StephLeaMead X

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