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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Perfect Summer Homeware Accessory! || Prestige Flowers Review

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Perfect Summer Homeware Accessory! || Prestige Flowers Review
Heeeeey guys!
So you might have guessed from previous homeware hauls or pictures with my room in the background that I adore homeware... Ornaments, wall hangings and prints. I also love changing my room around by moving the furniture. (Much to my boyfriends annoyance. He hates it ha!)

Well, I've now got the solution: flowers! (short term solution, sorry Karl but I will still be moving all furniture... hehe)
I've got this gorgeous pink floral, leafy bouquet from Prestige Flowers, which is an online florist and delivery service.

Flowers are a key decorative accessory for me, it brightens up the room and puts you in that Summery mood. It definitely lifts my mood and makes me feel happier having little flowers everywhere! All I have to do is take the pre-arranged flowers out the delivery box, lalala then done.
Perfect bloggers accessory too, flowers as Instagram photo props? Hell yeah!

PF is perfect for me, because I'm too lazy to carry a big bouquet home, and supermarkets can be quite limiting on their selection of flowers, and the arrangements are never great... Plus, picking up flowers is something I'll forget to do on the weekly food shop, and also not have time to visit a florist so an online delivery is amaaazing!

Prestige Flowers also do a gift service, where you can choose a vase to go with your beautiful bouquet (I got a lovely pink glass one) and a box of chocolates, too!
Valentines, birthdays and anniversaries sorted, and you don't even need to leave the house. My kind of gift shopping! (Anyone else find that super stressful, ha?)

Also, if you forget to buy and send a gift, they offer a next day delivery if ordered before 9pm and SAME DAY delivery if ordered before 3pm... Same day delivery though, what a life saver. (and slightly mind blowing, how do they do it?!)

Prestige Flowers also do a range of bouquets which are for charity, so 25% of sales go directly to the childrens charity Barnardos. They have a bunch called 'Believe' which is made up of mostly white lillies, and it's gorgeous! Deed of the day done with a pretty vase full of flowers, yay.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys! Have you ordered from Prestige Flowers before? Are you going to order from there? (Check out their sunflower bunch, omg!)
Thanks for reading, see you next time!
StephLeaMead X

Sunday, 5 June 2016

Cruelty Free, Vegan, Natural Shampoo || AA Skincare

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Cruelty Free, Vegan, Natural Shampoo || AA Skincare
Heeeyyy guuuyyss!
Want to know about the new cruelty free, vegan, all natural ingredients shampoo that I'm using at the moment? (if not, this may not be the best place for you to be... just sayin')

I whip my hair back n forth.... Blue hair, no less... 
So since turning vegan, I always make sure that the products I use aren't tested on animals. I didn't like using animal tested products before, as I just don't think it's necessary to harm animals if you don't need to, but I wasn't so hot on it like I am now.
I used to use Aussie most of the time, but they test on animals so that's a no go now! It's super stressful finding hair care brands that don't test, and are still healthy for your hair, yet I've managed to find one for myself, and you... (I know, you're welcome)

AA Skincare have a range of hair care products, including these two shampoos which I've tried and tested for you. I've used their Rosemary, Safe & Burdock lift and repair shampoo (shown above), which is supposed to nourish and protect your hair, and also their Peony, Bay & Brahmi nourishing shampoo (shown below) which promises to nurture and sooth your hair.

When I smelt these shampoos in the bottle, I was so apprehensive about using them because it brought back those beautiful memories of having my hair doused in head lice lotion back in my primary school days. The strong scent of tea tree is definitely apparent in both shampoos that I've tried, although thankfully, that smell does not remain when you wash your hair! Phew.
Afterwards my hair smelt absolutely amazing, and my boyfriend couldn't stop smelling it and telling me how good it smelt. He explained it as that smell you get when you walk into a LUSH shop, mixed with Aussies sweet bubblegum scent and your favourite flowers. So, pretty good, then? Haha.

The shampoos themselves are clear in colour, and hold a gel like consistency, which means a little goes a long way! It's super easy to lather up in your hair, and you get that great, fresh smell hit your nose straight away. I love it!

After washing my hair with both of these shampoos a fair few times, I can definitely feel a difference in the texture. It feels healthier and stronger, and I've even noticed a difference when I've been brushing it. No more tugging near the ends to get through the knots, or annoying breakage falling on my clothes. Who would've thought all natural ingredients would help this much? Not me, but yay!

When my hair had noticeable changes to it, I thought I'd check on their website for how it works... Was it a coincidence, my subconscious telling me my hairs better, or is there a reason... Well there's actually active ingredients in each shampoo such as Burdock Root Extract which hold amino acids and calcium, and this helps promote hair growth and strength. This definitely explains why my hair felt so good, afterwards!

The green shampoo that I used also has Sage Essential Oil which is a good source of zinc, potassium and vitamins such as B and C, which also helps to keep your hair in healthy shape. Bonus!

I don't normally rave about a product so much, but this literally does exactly what it says on the tin. (well, bottle...) and I'll definitely be re-purchasing! Vegan, cruelty free and keeps my hair feeling and looking great, what more could I want?

If you want to check these out, look at their website here. They also do a range of skincare, gifts and deodorants which I've not yet tried, thought I want to! (I'm yet to find a great cruelty free deodorant, if you know of any let me know in the comments!)


Thanks for reading, I hope you guys enjoyed it! Let me know of any cruelty free hair care that you like! Have you tried anything from AA Skincare before?

StephLeaMead X

Thursday, 2 June 2016

Cruelty Free Make Up List || UK Vegan

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Cruelty Free Make Up List || UK Vegan
Hey guuuuyysss,
So here is a list I've put together of brands that you can purchase in the UK that are completely cruelty free. I've done this because I found it really difficult to 100% know whether or not a brand tested on animals or not, and it made make up shopping stressful (first world problems, I know...)

Using cruelty free products for me came as a mutual exclusivity with my vegan diet and lifestyle, although I think that everyone should opt for products and buy from brands which don't harm animals, because if you have that option, wouldn't you choose the one where animals aren't suffering? So, vegan or not... Here's your super handy list!

1. B.  -  Superdrugs own brand.
   B. is Superdrugs very own brand of makeup and skin care products, which is all cruelty free. They bear the leaping bunny logo, and also are completely vegan. That means no animal derived products such as lanolin, collagen, or beeswax at all. Guilt free, and on the UK high street, so it's pretty affordable! Plus, if you have a Superdrug beauty cards, you get x3 the amount of points as usual. More points equals more free money to spend, what could be better?
B. also do a mens range of skin care, which my boyfriend uses and loves.

2. Sleek - available in Superdrug and Boots

The makeup brand 'Sleek' is personally one of my all time favourite brands of makeup, and they are 100% cruelty free, with a lot of products being vegan, too.
Sleek have stated that they do not test on animals, nor do they get third parties to test any ingredients, and will not sell in China (where it is a legal requirement to test on animals in order to sell there) until they amend their laws regarding animal testing. They are also not owned by a parent company, so no trickeries with the way they've worded this statement, you're good to go with buying Sleek make up!
Sleek is available in Superdrug and Boots stores on the UK high street.

3. Makeup Revolution - Exclusive to Superdrug stores, and online.
Makeup Revolution, London, is one of my favourite cruelty free brands like Sleek. They do awesome palettes, liquid lipsticks, and their highlighter is everything. They even dupe Urban Decays Naked palettes, so if you were lusting for a Naked eyeshadow palette but don't want the hefty price tag, MUR is the way to go. (Seriously, the iconic smokey palette is amazing, and only £6!)
On Revolutions website, they state in their FAQs that they "do not test our products nor ingredients on animals and neither do any third parties (and we are not owned by a parent company)" though they follow this up with "though we cannot claim that our products are vegan friendly".
We're all good on the animal testing front, though I'm not sure if they have animal byproducts in their make up products, though there is an ingredient list for each product if you'd like to check it out, on their own website.

I've filmed a video using MURs Velvet liquid lipsticks, so you can check that out, here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Drqalf512yM

4. MUA - (Makeup academy) Exclusive to Superdrug stores, and online.
Makeup Academy are another cruelty free brand that vegans love, and I've heard a lot of positive comments regarding their mascara, which I'm yet to try, though plan to purchase it very soon!
On MUAs website, they state in their ingredients list that they are "pleased to confirm that our MUA products and their ingredients are not test on animals."
Remember that not all of their products are vegan, though, so be sure to check out the ingredients before using!
I'd definitely recommend trying out their cruelty free glitter nail effects nail varnish, it's beautiful!

5. Barry M - Availible in Superdrug, Boots, and online at ASOS and their own website.
Barry M is another brand that I regularly use, including their flawless colour corrector primer, which is green in the tube (to counteract any redness, apparently?!) and is an absolute saviour for my skin and makeup!
They have a cruelty free page on their website, which states about their animal testing policies and how they support a world with no animal testing at all, and encourages you to sign campaigns against cruelty to animals. So rad, see this here: https://www.barrym.com/cruelty-free
My sister uses their mermaid and glitter nail varnish, and I'll admit I've 'borrowed' it a few times and it's amazing! Also want to try their volumising 'show girl' mascara, as I've heard so many good things!

6. Lush Available in Lush stores, and online.
So Lush is infamous for their incredible, colourful bath bombs, sweet smelling shower gels, and of course their cruelty free campaigns, but not so much for their make up. Well, I didn't know about it until I went for a job interview there, anyway. Is that because I just don't open my eyes in the store, and get too excited about the soaps? Probably...
Anyway, they do lots of cosmetic products which are all of course cruelty free and contain natural, organic ingredients such as jojoba oil and rose wax, so your skin gets a treat, too!
I'm lusting after their lipstick in the shade perspective, it's a gorgeous colour! Perfect nude pink.

7. GOSH Copenhagen - Available in Superdrug, and online.
Gosh is another beauty brand that don't test on animals at all, and also have a lot of products that are totally suitable for vegans, which is a downloadable thing on their FAQ tab on their website.
I've recently tried and tested their Foundation Drops which comes in a pipet bottle shown above, and it's amazing. The coverage is great, and you don't need a lot of product. It also gives you a lovely dewy glow and texture, which is the perfect look for Spring and Summer time!
GOSH also sell deodorant and perfume, so if you're on the look out for cruelty free fragrances, check those out!

8. Collection (Formerly Collection 2000) - Sold in Superdrug, Boots and online
Collection (previously named Collection 2000!) are a cruelty free brand that I wear each and everyday. I swear by their Lasting Perfection Concealer, it has such high coverage and lasts ages!
Props to Zoella, I discovered this beauty of a concealer after it was featured in one of her make up routine videos. Girl did good! (Though I wish she used all cruelty free make up!)
Collection don't test on animals, nor do they trade in China, but not all of their products are SFV, so just double check the ingredients if you're looking for makeup suitable for vegans, although they're infamous concealer is! *dances*

9. Miss Sporty - Sold in Boots, Superdrug and online.
Miss Sporty is another brand that doesn't test on animals, I used to use this back when I first started experimenting with makeup as a kid. It's definitely more marketed toward the younger generation, and is super affordable for young people, which is great as well for people who want a cheaper option. Miss Sporty is owned by a company called Coty Inc. which does not test on animals at all, and hasn't since 1991, although they do sell in China so test in animals due to law regulations. Whether or not you still buy from a company that trades in China and ultimately tests on animals for this reason is obviously up to you.

10. Urban Decay -  Sold in Debenhams, House of Fraser, John Lewis, Selfridges and online.
Urban Decay are a more high end cruelty free make up brand, and one that you may know from their iconic Naked eyeshadow palettes! Urban Decay does not test on animals at all, nor have their ingredients tested, but the parent company is L'Oréal which is a brand that unfortunately tests on animals, which again is a factor that you will need to decide if you believe Urban Decay is ultimately cruelty free or not. I personally have been avoiding them because of this, but again it's your choice...

So there's the top ten cruelty free make up brand list for you! 
I know right, getting easier to whittle down which brands you can buy from, right?! All readily available and 100% cruelty free in your local drug store, and even online! (and you thought it'd be hard to find companies that don't test on animals, pfft) 

Let me know which cruelty free brands and products you love! Are you surprised at some brands on tis list? Shocked at some of your old favourite brands for testing on animals?
Let me know in the comments!
Stay cruelty free guys, lots of love,
StephLeaMead X