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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Perfect Summer Homeware Accessory! || Prestige Flowers Review

Heeeeey guys!
So you might have guessed from previous homeware hauls or pictures with my room in the background that I adore homeware... Ornaments, wall hangings and prints. I also love changing my room around by moving the furniture. (Much to my boyfriends annoyance. He hates it ha!)

Well, I've now got the solution: flowers! (short term solution, sorry Karl but I will still be moving all furniture... hehe)
I've got this gorgeous pink floral, leafy bouquet from Prestige Flowers, which is an online florist and delivery service.

Flowers are a key decorative accessory for me, it brightens up the room and puts you in that Summery mood. It definitely lifts my mood and makes me feel happier having little flowers everywhere! All I have to do is take the pre-arranged flowers out the delivery box, lalala then done.
Perfect bloggers accessory too, flowers as Instagram photo props? Hell yeah!

PF is perfect for me, because I'm too lazy to carry a big bouquet home, and supermarkets can be quite limiting on their selection of flowers, and the arrangements are never great... Plus, picking up flowers is something I'll forget to do on the weekly food shop, and also not have time to visit a florist so an online delivery is amaaazing!

Prestige Flowers also do a gift service, where you can choose a vase to go with your beautiful bouquet (I got a lovely pink glass one) and a box of chocolates, too!
Valentines, birthdays and anniversaries sorted, and you don't even need to leave the house. My kind of gift shopping! (Anyone else find that super stressful, ha?)

Also, if you forget to buy and send a gift, they offer a next day delivery if ordered before 9pm and SAME DAY delivery if ordered before 3pm... Same day delivery though, what a life saver. (and slightly mind blowing, how do they do it?!)

Prestige Flowers also do a range of bouquets which are for charity, so 25% of sales go directly to the childrens charity Barnardos. They have a bunch called 'Believe' which is made up of mostly white lillies, and it's gorgeous! Deed of the day done with a pretty vase full of flowers, yay.

I hope you enjoyed this post guys! Have you ordered from Prestige Flowers before? Are you going to order from there? (Check out their sunflower bunch, omg!)
Thanks for reading, see you next time!
StephLeaMead X

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