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Sunday, 22 January 2017

Steph Bakes: Easy Vegan Banana Bread!

So I felt like Mary Berry yesterday when making this super easy vegan banana bread, though you know on Great British Bake Off when they just sample a small bit? Yeah, I just ate pretty much the whole thing... Oops!
Follow the recipe below to make your very own banana loaf, even if you're a beginner, it's easy peasy, and cheap too!
You'll need:
đź”˝Three bananas (the browner the better, really)
đź”˝Self-raising white flour
đź”˝White sugar
đź”˝Sunflower oil
đź”˝Cinnamon powder
đź”˝Baking power
đź”˝Optional toppings and flavourings (I used dairy free chocolate chips inside, then hazelnuts and banana chips on top)

1) Peel three whole bananas, and mush them all up with a fork in a bowl. Wrist exercise incoming! Who needs a gym?
Pre-heat your oven to 200 degrees before this!

2) Once the bananas look like baby food, add in 100g of sugar and two table spoons of baking soda, and one table spoon of cinnamon, then mix mix mix.

3) How gorgeous does that smell? Add that mixture into 225 grams of self raising flour into a mixing bowl, or do a me, and use a sauce pan, as my mixing bowl had gone astray... Same thing, right?

4) Mix those ingredients together, and add the optional vegan chocolate chips if you wish. Raisins or cherries would be amazing in this too, it'd be like a fruit cake and banana bread in one!

5) Put grease proof paper into your loaf baking tin, or grease it with dairy free butter, your choice! Then load in the yummy mixture (I ate some before putting it in because it smelt so freakin' good, this part is mandatory so... ha)

6) Add in any extras you want, I topped mine with banana chips and hazlenuts, then sprinkled even more choc chips on because chocolate is just too good to resist...
Tip, if you're putting hazelnuts on top I reccomend crushing them up first, as mine were slightly crisp once out of the oven.But hey, maybe you'd prefer them that way? Not judging... (I am)

7) Pop it into the pre-heated oven and anxiously wait for around 40 minutes. Your house will smell amazing and you'll just want to eat it ASAP, eeeek.
Keep checking up on it, if it browns in the first 15-20 mins on top, pop tin foil around it. They should brown eventually, but not that quick!

8) Take it out of the oven once done, then slice it all up and consume  the whole thing in one sitting with a nice cuppa tea.
I mean... Slice it up and share it with family, friends and colleagues, obviously...

If you make this, let me know in the comments how it went and how it tasted! I gave a slice to my sister who isn't a vegan, and she loved it! Woohoo. Vegan food does taste great, and it's pretty awesome showing people that. Perhaps next time I'll actually make some for others, haha...

What other recipes would you like to see veganised? Let me know!
StephLeaMead X

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