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Sunday, 12 February 2017

Valentines Date Night ft. Zizzi's Vegan Pizza Review

So if you're a vegan, you've probably heard of Zizzis and their beautiful creation that is the vegan pizza with Mozzerisela cheese. I tell you, it's Godly. 

As it's Valentines on the 14th of February, my partner Karl and I visited the Zizzi chain in Market Harborough for an early little Valentines date night. (my treat, as he brought me Russell Brand tickets! what a guy!) 

So we booked a table for two at 5 (yeah we really are those people who feel the need to book for 2, don't judge me haha) and asked for the vegan and allergen menu whilst being seated. It's the first page of the dietary menu, which is pretty convenient. 

We ordered starters of Tuscan Potatoes and the garlic bread but we requested for the vegan cheese to be added on top of the garlic bread. Our waiter said it hasn't been done there before, but didn't see a problem with it, so... Seriously, Karl and I were in food heaven. Before going vegan we loved cheesy garlic bread.

The staff were really attentive, too. I think Zizzi's may be the first place I've eaten out and haven't been suspicious of them putting animal products in my food. I normally have to double check that my order is definitely vegan when it's placed in front of me, but there was no worry of that here.
They also add little green vegan stickers to the rustic wooden boards to let you know which dish is vegan. Super helpful if you're with a group of people who aren't vegan! (see below)

For mains, we both ordered the classic vegan Rustica pizza which is a thin and crispy base, with the infamous MozzerRisela non-dairy cheese. I added roasted red onion, field mushrooms and fresh spinach to my pizza, whilst Karl just chose cheese and tomato.

The cheese is amazing. If you've ever tried vegan cheeses such as VioLife, you'll be familiar with the coconut undertones or chemical taste of non-dairy cheese. The texture also isn't that pleasant with the majority of cruelty-free cheese, but... None of that with this cheese! Hurrah.

It's not stringy like some pizza cheese, but it's very creamy, and does taste of cheese, for sure. It is more like a liquid sauce, rather than a solid cheese, but it's not runny so don't be put off by that.

This is the most beautiful picture of a pizza in existence. I want it again now. (I had it for breakfast this morning, are you jealous? Because I'm jealous of myself right now, haha. 

Zizzi restaurants are lovely inside, too. Quirky yet modern and stylish decor, illustrations on walls, birch trees centre the establishment, copper round tables and hanging vegetables, and so forth! You feel a chilled and care-free vibe from the atmosphere and staff, but the place is still 'fancy' enough for dates and such. In love with the place, I am! 

They even do cocktails, which are incredible. This one is actually a 'soft tail' though, called the Very Berry. Delicious! 

It was only yesterday that I visited, and I'm already planning my next trip. I love it so much, I'm so glad the vegan food is readily available in big restaurants like Zizzi's. Before Zizzi's, we went into Mercado Lounge (also a chain, Loungers & Cosy Clubs, I recommend these places, too!) who also have a vegan menu!
Times are definitely a changing, it's easier to be a vegan than what it was a few years ago, and I'm so glad more and more people are joining the revolution. Why harm animals when you can live a cruelty-free life?

What's your favourite thing to order in Zizzi's? Where else shall I go to try their vegan food? Lemme know!
Until next time,
StephLeaMead X

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