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Thursday, 6 April 2017

Velvet, Retro Sunglasses and a Black Jumpsuit OOTD

Blue / grey velvet sweater - Primark
Black cold shoulder and frills jumpsuit - Topshop
Long black maxi duster coat - MissGuided
Faux patent leather high heeled boots - River Island
Round clear rose gold glasses - Vintage Kilo Sale

I love this outfit so much, it's such an easy thing to throw on and wearable just about anywhere. I felt so chic, and I love the vintage / retro twist on this.
Maxi coats and cardigans are definitely my thing, I feel like a bohemian goddess... Stevie Nicks, I feel like Stevie Nicks.    *i wish*

In Leicester there was a weigh and pay vintage clothing sale (£15 for a kilo of clothes, such a fucking bargain) so I got a few bits and bobs from there. I went to my first kilo sale in Northampton Guildhall the week before and got loads, including a gorgeous white lace vintage bohemian wedding dress. HOOKED. I'll do a haul of my treasures soon.

Just before these photos were taken I went to Zizzi's and devoured their vegan pizza. If you've never been, seriously get down there now. Best. Pizza. Ever.

Leicester is my new favourite place, I've decided.

p.s how adorable is my little sister? Jessica is deffo my style inspo always. Love her.

StephLeaMead X

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