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Sunday, 21 May 2017

Mom Jeans and Grandads Cardigan OOTD

Recycled black and white knot wrap head tie - Lush
Grandad cardigan - Most Marvellous Emporium in Northampton
Blue high waisted 'Mom' jeans - Topshop
Tapestry cat ruck sack - Camden Market
Vegan pin badge -
Black Boots - Dr Martens
Black crystal necklace - Etsy

Hey, girl heeeeyy...
   I love this look, it's very casual and cute. I won't like I chucked these on because it was the comfiest option to run errands in, but it turned out to be a lovely outfit.
It was hummus day when I took these photos, and obviously, I marked this very important occasion by going into Zapato Lounge in Northampton town centre for some tapas with ciabatta, hummus, falafel and patatas bravas, with a Long Island Iced Tea. Perfect little lunch date with my partner, I'd definitely recommend the Lounge chain, they do awesome food and cocktails. They have their own vegan menu too which makes my life a hell of a lot easier. 

I was looking for a black background in the town centre for ages, then I realised there wasn't a great one for backdrops for outfit of the days so I was a bit bummed, (the last few have been in Leicester, in the restaurant square) but then the town's gay night club painted their building black. I'm gonna put that down to fate, I am... Cheers, Boston. 

The Dr Martens I'm wearing aren't actually vegan, they're a pair that I brought before the transition to a vegan lifestyle, but I always feel weird wearing them. I'll list them on my Depop account soon and buy some vegan ones. They have some awesome black vegan leather sandals at the moment, I might have to grab them. Not because I want to or anything, I just need to show demand, you know? (joke I need those in my life they are so beautiful eeeek) 

I don't do OOTD posts as often as I'd like, I enjoy shooting and writing random things about the day or updates on my life. and love seeing what other people wear and how they style things... I'm going to start doing a lot more.

Have a fabulous week guys,
StephLeaMead X

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