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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Tattoos, Primark and Vegan Make Up

My new mandala shoulder tattoo!
Black Pork Pie Hat - ASOS
Embroidered Rose Choker - Primark
Mandala black and white Kimono - Mango
Velvet red crop top - Urban Outfitters
Fishnet tights - New Look
Black ripped mom jeans - Cheap Monday
Tapestry high heeled boots - Primark
Chill Pill Silicone phone case - Own Saviour
Dark Matte Liquid Lipstick - Kat Von D

Squeeeeee. look at my new tattoo! I'm in love with it. It's a black Mandala in dot work style on my shoulder, which to me signifies wholeness, respect for the earth and sentient beings on it, and I think it is such a beautiful symbol. I'm glad it will be a part of me forever.
It's only my second tattoo, but I hope to have a lot more art on me soon. Even if it hurts, it's so worth it. My partner and friend got a tattoo on the same day, with the same artist, so it was a good little day out as well haha.
Here's my tattoo artists insta if you wanna check out her awesome work! -

Can we just appreciate Primark at the moment, also? Like, check out that choker and those boots, you would never ever guess Primarni, right? I saw a choker very similar in River Island and was going to purchase it, but it was around £8 so decided against it... Glad I found this in a multipack for £1.50!
Also th heels, I can't cope with them. I've developed a thing for heeled boots, especially if they aren't your usual design. I've recently brought a metallic silver pair and they are gorgeous. Shall I start a boot collection? Rhetorical question, I'm doing it...

Aaaand lastly, on to the makeup... Kat Von Ds makeup line is cruelty-free, and the majority is also vegan (I'm sure she's adjusting ingredients so it'll all be vegan soon, yay) plus she's an absolute babe so naturally I want it all haha. My boyfriend got me the lock it foundation and the lippie, which I'm so super grateful for, buuuut... The foundation was waaaay too light for my skin tone. In high street stores I usually struggle to find a colour match unless I want to look orange, so thought the lightest shade would be fine. I mean it's a brilliant foundation, covers really well, I just look like Caspa the friendly ghost too much anyway so, eek... I might list it on DePop so if you're interested hit me up x

Peace and love, until next time,
StephLeaMead xxx

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