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Sunday, 19 November 2017

New Tattoo, Faux Fur and Glitter Tights OOTD

Eek, check out my new tattoo! My beautiful Amy Winehouse on my arm forever, in a gypsy, traditional style done by the amazingly talented Sophie Jess, based at Nevermore Tattoo Parlour in Daventry. (fellow vegan girly too, heeeey)
Check out Sophie's Instagram @BloodFlowersTattoo
It's my favourite piece of ink I have at the moment, though I'm torn between Amy and my dot-work Mandala on my shoulder... Adore them both!

Purple Faux Fur Coat - Miss Guided - Similar herehere  and  here.
Black and Silver Glitter Tights - Topshop
Canvas Tote Bag 'Fighting Animal Testing' - Lush
Black Fake Fur Boots - Nasty Gal
Black Mesh Spotty Top - H&M
Black and Pink Floral  Midi Dress - New Look - Similar here
Boho Silver Rings - Wish
Ganesha Silver Pendant and Black Choker Necklace -  Etsy, In The Moment UK here

Winter is definitely upon us now, and as much as I despise being cold, I really love big jumpers and fluffy faux fur coats. I want one in every colour and style, much to my partner's dismay haha.
I ordered this one from DePop, so it's second hand. It was only £30, and so warm. I searched for ages to try and find a fur coat in the style and colour I wanted on online stores and had no luck, and was so happy when I came across this on the app. I previously ordered a jacket made out of sequins from Depop too, I love it, such unique pieces on there! And you know, bargains...

The colder weather also means a lot more layering up. I still wear dresses, I just now wear them with tights, over jumpers, throw a cardigan on top, vest tops underneath and of course a big coat.
Jeans and jumpers are always my failsafe option though, but I still like to show off my style like this, I feel more 'me' then.
I've actually just ordered a pair of black lace-up corset jeans from New Look that I featured in my last blog post - so it's still unique when I do wear jeans and a tee, and I can feel good in them. They're super high waisted too, so I'm hoping they show off my small waist and make my bum look good, haha! See the jeans, here.

Also, I need to redo my hair. It's definitely high maintenance having coloured hair like this, but so worth it. I'll put some colour on it tonight, and book in for bleach at Rockabelles in Northampton soon. I might go pink and lilac after that... What do you think?

P.S I'm doing two giveaways soon, one with Etsy and one with t-shirt company Tee Ting, so watch out for those!

Have a fabulous week,
StephLeaMead X

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