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Sunday, 25 February 2018

OOTD - Pink Hair, Flared Trousers and Sisterly Love. Feb 18

lol at my cold goose bumped neck, hurry up Summer!  
Hey Queens!
Here's the outfit of the day post I promised to do to show off the funky flared trousers I bought in the January Sales, how amazing are they? I feel super sassy whenever I wear them and must look like an 80s dancing queen. I got a lot of looks in them today in Waitrose, maybe the look was a bit too much for the middle class, organic buying Northamptonions, apologies to the traumatised man who could not stop staring at the flares and my pink hair. (Genuinely thought his jaw may drop off, haha)

Dancing in the street, or just throwing my cardigan at my sister? We'll go with the former, it sounds better...
See what I mean about the trousers? Fxxxing amazing. They're all black, high waisted and tight at the top, then flare starting from just below the knee, and the flares move when you walk (and dance, yeah, I know right?) and I don't think I've ever owned an item of clothing more perfect before.

The trousers aren't on the ASOS or New Look website anymore, but I've found similar styles, so I'll link them all below for you! (Click them to go to the websites)

River Island Black Asymmetric Frill Flare Trousers - Via ASOS 

ASOS Leggings with Fluted Flare Hem in Black - (These are the closest match!)

Stradivarius Black Subtle Kick Flared Cropped Trousers - Via ASOS

Bershka Full-Length Black Flared Bell Bottom Trousers - Via ASOS

Flared goodness and Velvet beauties from Primark! 

The black mesh top obsession continues, and I have no plans on stopping it ever. Ever. Also how amazing do my tattoos look peeking through it? Obsessed, literally.
In my last blog post there's a link list of black mesh tops I love, so go check that out if you haven't already, here - http://www.stephleamead.com/2018/02/january-sales-haul-2018-topshop-river.html

The Necklace I'm wearing is from the app Wish, my beautiful friend Sharon gifted me it as part of my birthday present, and I love it! I love that app, I need to do a haul of things on there one day, honestly. It's super cheap as well.

Sexy roots. I know.
Had some fun and cute photos of me and my princess sister Jessie after shooting the outfit of the day, too! Look how cute she is! I have so much love for this girl, it's unreal. She's the sweetest, most caring person, a vegetarian, and future owner of her own veggie cafe. At only 12 years old, too, what a girl. My little mini-me, for sure! I can only apologise to our Mama for her craziness, haha.

Cheers for reading guys, see you in the next post...
StephLeaMead X

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