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Sunday, 8 April 2018

Makeup Revolution Fast Base Foundation Stick Review - Before and After Photos

Ok so I'm sure if you keep up with the new products in the make up world, you've heard of the new Fast Base Foundation sticks that Makeup Revolution have just recently launched.
(MUR have just re-branded as just 'Revolution' although I'm so used to calling them Makeup Revolution, I'll most likely not change that purely out of habit, haha) 

Now, I'm a massive fan out Makeup Revolution anyway as all of their products are cruelty free, and a lot are also vegan, so that makes it so much easier for me when looking for make up items. They sell exclusively in Superdrug in stores, and on their own online shop with TAM Beauty.
FYI, their eye shadow palettes? The. Best. The prices? £! Honey, grab one of everything.
So when I saw these foundation sticks being released, I just knew I had to try them and ordered off of the website ASAP. See my before and after photos and honest review below!

Normally, I really struggle to find my specific shade of foundation as I'm quite pale, so your usual drug store, high street foundations and concealers are very orange on me. This was one reason I was quite excited for these Fast Base foundations because they've got such a diverse range of shades. There are 18 in total, from light to dark, all with different undertones. I went with shade 'F3' which was the palest shade they had, with a slightly pink undertone.
On their official website they list off which shade is the best for you, so it's worth reading through the list if you're thinking of giving this foundation a go. Also, their customer service team will also happily colour match you if you shoot them a message on Facebook!

So as you can see from these 'before' photos, I suffer from acne. I have active acne spots and also acne scarring which is mainly on my cheeks. I wear foundation and concealer to cover up the spots and scars, so when I'm buying foundation I like it to be full coverage to hide them.
As well as the acne, I have dry patches on my cheeks, but my t-zone also gets really oily throughout the day, so finding a foundation that works with the combination skin is quite hard.

And here are the 'after' photos. The first photo is with one layer of the foundation on my skin, and the second photo is one another layer in places it was needed, and concealer where required, like under eyes, on spots and scars etc. I also have my eyebrows, eyeliner and mascara on, just to make myself look more human, haha.

So, first impressions?
(I'll get the second impressions later... Uh oh) 
Positive... I love it. It's so super quick and easy to use as it's in a compact solid stick. There's no pumping out too much on your hand of face and having to clean that up. You just glide it on parts of your face, and blend. Ta da, done.
I put it on the main areas of my face, two lines on my cheek, once down my nose and two small smidges on my forehead and chin, then moved it around to cover the whole area. I then blended more with a blending sponge, and set with some translucent powder, and it looked perfect.
It definitely covers my spots and scars, as you can see in the first photo, my skin looks so much clearer. 

Also, it's convenient to carry around with your in your bag, again, because of the small compact casing. It doesn't take too much room in a make up bag, and no worries about it spilling out.
It's well worth the money at only £5 - the cheapest foundation I've seen in a while, that's actually good, too! 

Now, on to the negatives... 
Despite all of the pros on this foundation, I do have some cons.
After a few hours with this on my face, it was starting to separate, go patchy and very oily. Now, take into account and bare in mind that my skin isn't the best to work with, and I do have problems with a lot of make up for this reason, so it may be fine for you, depending... But for this reason, it's not something I'd rush to buy again. 

The foundation stayed where my pores were, giving a weird texturised look to my skin, and was not staying put even after powder and setting spray were applied.
It feels quite drying to your skin, and can cling to wrinkles and feel heavy in areas, which is not great for someone with eye wrinkles and spots!

Now I will keep this foundation for emergencies, times I need quick application or back ups, but like I said previously, I most likely won't be buying again.
I'm not saying that the hype around this make up product is fake, this is just my opinion, and my skin not co operating. I'm disappointed, but hey, more foundation trials here I come... It's always fun to try new make up.

Try it for yourself if you were going to anyway, it's only £5, and hey it might be the perfect foundation for you! (Click here to go to the link)
Let me know how you've found it, and if you have any recomendations please let me know!
See you in the next post,
StephLeaMead X

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