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Sunday, 10 June 2018

Purple Shaggy Cardigan of Dreams - OOTD June

So I normally hate shopping this time of the year, because I don't know if you've noticed but I only tend to wear the colour black (It's been my favourite colour since I was two, seriously) and there's only usually pretty pink and pastel blue shades in high street shops. Nothing against those colours but it's not my thing! But then I realised it's festival season, and clothing made for festivals is over the top, sassy and unique. Hello, things I love...  (Although I'm not going to any festivals this year, unless it's the local carnival or town festival because hello I have no money haha. These photos were taken on the way to Northampton Carnival coincidentally!)
Festival look book coming soon? Watch out for it.

Anyway, meet my new favourite item of clothing. My big purple, shaggy, long line, fluffy cardigan. Thank God for Nasty Gal!

Click below to see the items I'm wearing!

Purple Over Sized Shaggy Cardigan - Nasty Gal 

Tattoo by Sophie Jess at Nevermore Tattoo Parlour - @BloodFlowersTattoo

I can't remember if I've ever included these metallic silver beauties from Primark before but they were only £3 in a sale. Heels for that amount is a bargain anyway, let alone silver Goddess things like those. Seriously, gotta love a bit of Primarni. A lot of my shoes come from there, even though I used to never buy footwear in there as I thought they would be awful quality and just break really easily, but I've never had a problem with them, especially considering how cheap they are. Ten years ago I would have been embarrassed to admit I had heels that cost that little, and that came from a cheap shop, but nowadays I shout it from the rooftops.
"I like your shoes Steph!"
"£3, Primark babes!"

 I moved out of my mummas house at the end of April - and I'm loving life living in my own home, with my partner and friend. It's super chill, lots of fun and I'm so glad I did it. I never ended up going to university, so didn't experience living with friends; so this is my little experience of that. Living for the vibe, and I'm just going with the flow. Who knows how long I'll be here, I'm hoping to travel after, or maybe even buy my own house somewhere, or even a camper van to just chill and travel in. We'll see where the future takes me. But for now, I'm happy. If you're thinking of moving in with friends, do it. I recommend it. Especially if it's your first time moving out, like me, it'll be fun and you get to ride the stresses out together. (I'm a big money worrier, so having other people to look at finances with me was such a blessing!)

I may do a blog post on this soon to help and give my advice on the topic. Maybe even a video with my partner and friend to share their views?

See you next time.
StephLeaMead X

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