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Wednesday, 22 August 2018

Cow Girl OOTD - Pretty Little Thing

All items worn are from Pretty Little Thing, click the links below to see on their site!

Faux Leather Studded Western Heeled Boots
(Although these are now sold out, I've found similar below!)

Hello Lovelies, 
   I've just come back from my annual Summer holiday with my family, and my God did I need it. I had so much fun, we went to Butlins in Skegness for a week, and I got to watch the amazing dance crew Diversity (Remember them on Britains Got Talent 10 years ago? Yeah it really has been that long! #FeelingOld) and got my panto on with a Cinderella show. I got my bare feet dirty on the beach and ate vegan ice cream with almond coffees. I spent too much money on the arcades, and drank too much not enough alcohol. I spent the whole week stress free, with some of the people that mean the most to me, and made memories and felt happy. I love holidays... My next one is in three weeks with my friends, and I'm super excited to do the same all over again! 

This time I'm off up North to Scotland, staying in a Havan caravan park (Hello childhood nostalgia) and I'm so stoked for it as I've lived in the UK my whole life, but have never ventured so far up that way, so let the tourism begin! We're planning on hitting both main cities, Edinburgh and Glasgow, but mainly residing in Seton Mains. We'll be visiting the castles, hiking up hills, pub crawling and shopping in cute little independent shops. Apparently, Scotland is amazing for vegan food as well, and The Old Hoose is top of my list to visit, but if you have any reccomendations I'd love to check out a ton of places. Let me know on Instagram? My username is @StephLeaMead - Thanks! 

So let's talk about my outfit of the day. Cow. Jeans. I love them. My boyfriend? Hates them. He thinks they are too much, but I don't agree. Let's cow print everything. Moo.
Pretty Little Thing also have a cow printed skirt and denim jacket, and I'm kinda tempted to buy them and just be a cow. Let's do this with all animals... Leopard print jeans. Very emo circa 2000 and I want in. Snake print bell bottoms? Hell yes! Zebra platform heels? Heavenly.
Am I turning into Pat Butcher on LSD? I might be, and I'm living for it. I'm genuinely off to search for these items now... Sorry, not sorry, Karl.

StephLeaMead X

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