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Monday, 6 August 2018

Pretty Little Thing - Summer Date Night OOTD!

 All items worn are from Pretty Little Thing, click the links below to see them on their site!

Hey beautiful people!
   How amazing is this gorgeous Summer weather we are having in the UK?! I absolutely love it, it's definitely my favourite time of the year. I know a lot of people aren't massive fans of it (My boyfriend hates it!), because let's be honest, who likes being a sweaty mess? But it's the best time to go to festivals, have BBQ's, picnics in the park, a week on the beach and go to theme parks.

This weekend I had a cute little date day / evening with my partner, Karl. He had a barbers appointment so we popped into town, I got a last minute holiday shop in before we go next weekend, and he got a little tipsy whilst getting his hair cut. They had a party at the Barbers, so he got given 4 shots of vodka whilst having his hair cut... I need to find myself a hair dressers like this, haha!
Anyway, this got him in the drinking spirit so we went to a local pub in the town centre call The Old Bank and we were only going to get some cocktails but we saw they had vegan fish and chips and got way too excited so ended up having our dinner and a few drinks!
I always find spontaneous dates like that are the best... I had such a good time with him! 

So, let's talk my outfit... How bloomin' lovely is that dress?! A gorgeous little short tea dress with frills on the sleeves and hem, which is so flattering. The corset tie is a nice little touch to this dress as well, you can choose to have it loose or tight. I opted to have it tight to show off my little waist and accentuate the bum I'm starting to get (Squats at the gym ladies, revolutionary exercise, if a skinny girl like me can get a bum, anyone can, haha!) but once I'd ate my tofu fish and downed a cosmopolitan or two I had to loosen it. You girls relate, right? ... 

And the shoes. The beautiful shoes! Not my normal footwear choice but I really love them. On the website they have wore the string all at the bottom of the leg, wrapped around the ankle tied with a bow, and I've criss-crossed it up my leg and tied a bow at the back of my leg. It then matches the corset detail on the dress and brings the outfit together, without having to overload with accessories. 

I can't wait to wear this dress to my office job with black sheer tights, and black heeled ankle boots with an up do. Also in Winter I'm thinking of wearing it with knitted tights and a black chunky jumper so it shows as a skirt, how cute would that be? So many ways to style this, and for only £25 as well. Bargain and a half. I'm tempted to get it in white as well... Spending ban... What spending ban?! 

Thanks for reading lovelies, I hope you love the outfit idea!
What have you guys brought from Pretty Little Thing recently? How would you style this dress?
See you on my next post... (More PLT goodness on it's way, including some cow print jeans. Yep. That's happening!)

StephLeaMead X

The clothing I'm wearing, along with the rest of my PLT haul, was brought in the 'Festival' section of the Pretty Little Thing website... They have such amazing pieces on there at the moment, all of which can be worn at a festival, worn casual for work or dressed up like mine for a date night! Check it out by clicking here.

The clothing was gifted to me by Pretty Little Thing, though I chose it and styled it myself. 

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