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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Scotland OOTD - Leopard Print Coat and Pink Hair

Leopard Print Midi Coat - Originally from Primark - Similar here: (Click the words to go through to links) ASOS - £75  NEW LOOK - £39.99

Mustard Long Sleeved Jumper (Worn under the dress) from Primark - Similar here: ASOS / Pull&Bear - £9.99   New Look - £17.99

Black Bodycon Jersey Dress - BooHoo - £8

Multicoloured Platform Heeled Boots - Originally from Primark - Similar shaped heel here: Truffle Collection / ASOS  - £35

Blue Velvet Bag - Originally from Primark (Can you tell I like Primark?) Similar here: YOKI / ASOS - £15

Hey guys,

   So I've just spent the week up in Scotland for a holiday away with my friends, and it was amazing! As you can see from the picture of me above, the views are phenomenal. This was taken up on Arthur's Seat in Edinburgh, and it's so strange to see a mountain in a city.
We spent a whole day in Edinburgh on the Thursday, and visited Edinburgh Dungeons which was so much fun and I'd definitely recommend. It's similar to London Dungeons but obviously about the history of Scotland.
I went to eat at the Auld Hoose which serve some incredible vegan food. I had the hot dog and chips topped with guacamole, onion rings, fried onions, mushrooms and vegan cheese. SO tasty. I'd go back just for this place! They also serve nachos that weigh 6lbs - If you fancy giving that a go haha!

We also visited Cockburn Street which is full of lots of independent shops and quirky nic nacs. It had a beautiful store called Pie in the Sky where I got some stickers, badges, sew on patches and henna from. They had Drag Race galore, Stranger Things gifts and the coolest vintage clothing.
I also bought an Astrology book from the Harry Potter store, the only thing in there not Harry Potter themed, but I'm sure Luna Lovegood would have liked it.
That street is actually what inspired J.K Rowling when she came up with Diagon Alley - and I could see why! It's so full of character. Definitely a place to visit if you're up there.

The last thing we did on that day was visit a hidden bar called Hoot the Redeemer where they serve the most delicious cocktails, and have the coolest decor ever. It's all fortune teller themed, with a gypsy woman greeting you at the door, and tarot cards painted on the wall, with old cinema or theatre seats to chill on. If I had a bar, I'd totally decorate it like that. Aesthetic on point!
We had our Polaroid taken and put on the wall, so if you ever go, look out for it!

We've booked Scotland for next year as well, so any more recommendations to check out is appreciated!
Check out my instagram to see more photos - @StephLeaMead
See you soon,
StephLeaMead X

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