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Sunday, 14 October 2018

Black Tutu OOTD and Vintage Kilo Sale - 10/18

Here's where to get the clothes I'm wearing, click through to the links x
Long sheer black chiffon skirt dress - ASOS
Black Velvet Leggings - Pretty Little Thing
Fluffy Black Jumper (Originally Primark, Similar here) - ASOS
Halloween Fake Nails - (Originally Primark, Similar here) - Etsy 
Platform black high heels with Zip details, vegan - Koi Footwear
Personalised Marble / Crystal Phone Case, Samsung Edge s8 - Etsy
Oversized Black and Gold Circle Sunglasses (Originally from Preloved Kilo, similar here) - ASOS

Hey queens,

   OK I'm really loving this outfit, I felt like a little Tumblr princess (cringing hell) like one of those preppy kids on there who starts experimenting into the grunge style? Still cringe, help haha. Know what I mean, though? Whatever, I love it.

Well, I did love it until I walked into my towns centre to go to the Preloved Kilo Sale, then around town etc, those heels provide no comfort, let me tell you. Those boots are not made for walking, Nancy Sinatra, nope. Just for making me feel better about my shortness.
Those heels are bloody gorgeous though, they're my perfect boot, and I found them on Koi Footwear, who only sell vegan shoes, which is amazing. I hate finding a pair of shoes I adore and finding out they are made from leather, ew. If you're vegan and have the same problem, definitely take a gander on their website. They do every style as well, from what I've seen, though they don't sell men's shoes, sorry guys.

Anyway, as I was saying; I went the the Preloved Kilo Sale - something I always go to when they swing by Northampton, where I live. If you've never been to one before, it's basically a whole room full of gorgeous vintage items, stocking everything such as dresses, jumpers, jeans, shirts, bags, coats and of course accessories like glasses, rings and necklaces.
Things like coats, sunglasses and bracelets are all priced per item, but everything else is sold based on its weight. Each kilo you buy is just £15 so you can get some real bargains if you get lots of light items, like a few shirts and satin scarves, for instance, but if you were to buy a big beaded, lace wedding dress it'll obviously end up costing more. Yep, I learned my lesson ok, but I now have a beautiful vintage wedding dress, never mind the fact I'll never wear it...

I was modest this year, I kept myself to one kilo, and three accessories. In case you didn't see it on my Instagram @StephLeaMead I'll post the picture below here for you, so you can peek at my mini haul.

Cute jumpers, right? Both of those cost me just over £14, such a bargain considering in a vintage shop or on Etsy / ASOS Marketplace it'd be around £25+ for each one.
Check out their website to see if one is coming to you, I definitely recommend visiting one. It's just £1.50 to get in, and I'd say get there early if you can, though they put new stock throughout the day so you won't actually be missing out on anything.
This isn't sponsored or anything by the way, it seems like it by the way I'm writing this I think haha, but I just really enjoy going to them because the staff are lovely, and you get awesome clothes at a cheaper price. I think you guys will love it to if you wear that type of clothing!
I'll do an outfit of the day with my kilo sale buys soon...

Thanks for reading lovely, see you soon...
StephLeaMead X

- Photos taken by Northamptonshire photographer Revive Photographic

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