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Sunday, 18 November 2018

Dress like: The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina + Mini Review

So, who watched Sabrina the Teenage Witch when they were younger? I did, and I loved it! Salem the black cat was the sassiest little thing known, and I'm sure that's where my generation learnt our dry humour and sarcasm from. In the modern version, or the prequel I guess we can call it; Salem is Sabrinas 'Familiar' which is something all witches have to protect them, and there are a few changes like this in the series, it's definitely a lot darker than what you remember from our beloved 90s programme...

I adored the costumes for this Netflix original series, the clothing is literally perfect. Prudence is my style icon right now, her dresses are what I wish I could wear everyday, especially the witch lacy Wednesday Addams look she has on the first episode, gorgeous.

I've found a few items that match or remind me of the fashion in the show, which is all linked below, sorry not sorry if you want it all because I know I do. Also, if you want to hear my opinion on the show, read my mini review which is at the bottom of the post, below the Sabrina style inspiration section!

(Click links below to see them and buy)

Black and White Collared Dress (Prudence)- BooHoo
Red and White Collared Dress (Sabrina) - Dorothy Perkins
Black Lace / Chiffon Midi Overlay Dress - ASOS 
Resting Witch Face Black and White Tee - ASOS 
Long Sleeved Velvet Crop Top with Stars - ASOS / Rokoko 
Star Print Black Velvet Flares - ASOS / Rokoko 
T.U.K Faux Leather Black Creepers with Buckles - T.U.K / ASOS 
Pointed Ankle Boots with Buckles and Straps - Truffle Collection / ASOS
Black Lace Up Heeled Boots - London Rebel / ASOS 
Pointy Black Heeled Boots with Silver Zip and Buckle detail - ASOS Revelation 
Velvet Pointed Pull Over Sock Boot - ASOS Regional 
White Embroidered Lace Bodice Wedding Dress - ASOS Edition 
Lime Crime Red Lipstick Velvetine (Various Shades) - via ASOS 
Holographic Eye and Chain Mini Bag / Purse - ASOS 
Cat Print Galaxy Scented Candle - Monki / ASOS
Black Oversized Fish Net Ankle Socks - ASOS

So, what were my thoughts on The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina? Generally, I loved it and I definitely recommend watching it.
I loved that Sabrina and her friends were all about smashing the patriarchy, setting up a girls support group in their school and being a bad ass feminist. It was lovely to see a non-binary character in play as well, you rarely see that in TV or films, and even though the story line wasn't massively focused on it, it helps to normalise it in our society, which is great. I think it's definitely a positive role for the LGBTQ+ community.

I know this series has offended a few people though, particularly practising witches of the Wicca and Pagan religion. Witches don't see Satan / The Devil as their Lord at all, though I'm sure there are some spiritual witches out there that have followed the darker path, the show portrays all to be like that, which inevitably paints them in a bad light. Wicca as a way of life is meant to be more peaceful and positive, so I understand why they would be annoyed at the show for suggesting it it the opposite.

I guess they got their bad karma for that though, as a Satanic group actually sued the production company for basically copying their statue of the goat deity Baphomet. If you compare the two, the similarities are uncanny, and at time of writing, it looks like they are going to be successful in suing them. It's alleged to be set at around $50 million dollars. As a fan of the show, I hope they can still continue with production for more series, though obviously they'd be required to re-produce parts of the show, or just remove it from here on out. Either way, the Satanic Temple are going to be one rich group...

If you want to read more about Sabrina, or see a more in-depth piece about it, see my friends blog here: https://misscrazyreviewer.com/2018/11/17/the-chilling-adventures-of-sabrina-season-1-review/

Have you seen Sabrina? What are your thoughts? What shows have you been watching? Let me know in the comments!
StephLeaMead X

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