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Sunday, 16 December 2018

Leopard Print and Silver Shoes OOTD

Here's what I'm wearing, and where to get the items. Most of the items I'm wearing are from a season ago so I've linked similar items I've found if you wanted to get them! 

Leopard print jumpsuit - Topshop - See similar by clicking here

Black knitted and fluffy cropped jumper - Primark - See similar by clicking here 

Black and silver ring faux leather belt - Pretty Little Thing - See Similar by clicking here

Silver heeled boots - River Island - See Similar by clicking here 

Dark lip - Kat Von D at Debenhams - See item here

   Hey lovely people,

I thought I'd show you my favourite outfit at the moment which I'm loving, it's so simple but super chic. I love outfits like that, where you can throw a few things together and it looks so stylish!
I got this Jumpsuit from Topshop at the weekend, they've started their sale and this was only £10 down from £42 so I couldn't resist it. I also bought a glittery rainbow off the shoulder dress for New Years Eve for just £5 (!!!) but I'm not sure if I'm going to wear it yet, I have a few contenders... I'm going to post them on Instagram (@StephLeaMead) to get some opinions because I'm just bad at making decisions and I need your help, haha.

I wore these clothes to celebrate my baby sisters birthday, she's just turned 13. I sound so old but I literally remember when my mum told me she was pregnant and I'll be getting another sibling, I was so excited. We've always been super close and it's strange now she's literally nearly taller than me. She's an amazing girl, she's chose to be vegetarian out of her love for animals, she cares for our disabled mum, she's friendly and polite to everyone, and has the best sense of humour. Feel like this just sums up what kind of beautiful soul she is, and I cannot wait to make more memories with her. She gives me hope for the younger generation! What an absolute little love.

Now, It's Christmas in less than ten days. Ten. Days. What? I haven't even got half of my present shopping done yet, so on payday I'm dashing around getting last bits and bobs. I'm spending Christmas this year with my boyfriend, house mate/ best friend, her mum, my mum and my sister. It's going to be so cute!
Also, your girls going January Sale clothes shopping on boxing day in Milton Keynes Intu, and I'm going to treat myself so much. I'll show you guys what I got in a haul, style some bits up in OOTDs etc. Topshop, Miss Selfridge, River Island and NewLook are my main places I want to go, I wish there was an Urban Outfitters there because that's one of my favourite stores. I'll have to go sale shopping in Leicester or something as well to get more things, what a shame... Ha.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely Christmas and a fabulous new year!
StephLeaMead X

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