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Saturday, 2 March 2019

Floral Velvet Primark Jumpsuit OOTD - Ft. My Plans - March 2019

Yellow and Black snake print circle bag from Primark

Outfit of the day - Primark 2019 - Black velvet floral jumpsuit, with purple faux fur coat, yellow and black snake skin bag, and black platform shoes.
Black and Red Floral Velvet Jumpsuit - Primark - Similar here: http://tidd.ly/569c4c98 And here: http://tidd.ly/b13c3d0c
Black Spotty Mesh Under Top - H&M - Similar here: http://tidd.ly/2fb4b4cd And here: http://tidd.ly/a24f97bd
Yellow and Black Snake Skin Print Bag - Primark - Similar here: http://tidd.ly/6b0d39c3 And here: http://tidd.ly/d3ca7ca9
Chunky Black Patent Platform Boots -ASOS - The ones I'm wearing here: http://tidd.ly/27bbc7d5  Also similar here: http://tidd.ly/bcfdf798
Faux Glasses with Circle Gold Frames - Claires via Amazon (Though I'll be getting this with real lenses soon for work, eek!)
Black Baker Boy Hat - Primark - Similar here: http://tidd.ly/e4120df7 and here: http://tidd.ly/da227dc4
Purple Faux Fur Fluffy Coat - MissGuided via Depop - Similar here: http://tidd.ly/12f57460 and here: http://tidd.ly/fab4b98

Hello, lovelies!
  How is it March already? This year is literally flying by, Christmas does not feel like it was months ago at all, how crazy. Are you feeling this too? I'd like to say time flies when you're having fun, but I've not done a hell of a lot this year yet, apart from going to London and seeing Wicked in west end with my partner, and random nights out with my friends... I'm planning on doing more fun things this year, let's run through my plans so far...
I'm hoping to be going to a theme park with my little sister soon, if I can get the time off of my office job anyway, and I'm so excited as it'll be the first time she'll be going to a 'big' one. We've been to local ones such as Gullivers Land and Wicksteed park, also Drayton Manor, but now she's taller she'll be able to ride the massive roller coasters. She's such an adrenaline junkie she'll adore it, bless her.

Also, once my housemate gets her car, we'll also be visiting the Warner Bros Studios in London to look at the making of Harry Potter! This will be my forth time going, but my friend who is obsessed with Harry Potter has never been, so I told her I'll pay for her ticket when we go for her birthday. I'll be taking my mum to Black Country Museum soon too, as that was one of her Christmas presents from me last year. She's never been there either, but loves doing things like that. I really want to dress up from that era, like Polly from Peaky Blinders, and get some cool photos there too. If only I'd bump into Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy there... Haha.

I'll be going on a weekend away with my friends to Skegness for one of their parents army reunion events, where we'll be hitting up the bars and I'll be sure to visit the cute crystal shop and visit the seal sanctuary again. Then I'll be going on my family holiday to Caister and Great Yarmouth, which will be so nostalgic as we used to go there every year when I was really little, so I cannot wait to show my partner around the Haven site. I'm a little bit gutted though, as apparently Haven don't use Rory the Tiger anymore. Hashtag childhood ruined.

In September, I'll be going up north to Scotland visiting the beautiful Edinburgh and more again. Hoot the Redeemer is one bar I cannot miss out on, if you're visiting there or live near, you should definitely go! Fortune teller themed bar with cocktails and alcoholic ice cream, need I say more?
(If you do go, try and find my polaroid picture on the wall!)

I've got plenty of weddings to shoot also, with my photography business Revive Photographic, which is always exciting, and lots of collaborations for my blog and YouTube. I definitely want to do more videos, so check out my YouTube channel if you haven't seen it already - https://www.youtube.com/channel/StephLeaMead

Along with all of this, I want to go to a lot more local gigs and comedy nights to support small start ups. My friend Hana Brooks is doing a gig soon at a place in Daventry which will be awesome! You should watch out for her, as I know she'll be big soon. I'll share her music with you when she releases her EP, you'll love it.

Although I want to do all of this, and a lot more spontaneous things, I also want to save a lot of money as I'm going to America on holiday, visiting Disney World and Universal Studios at Halloween next year. Literally a rock in a hard place, I want to live my life and have fun all of the time, but I need to save for amazing expensive things like that. Can I just be given lots of money, please? Is this how it works? Sugar daddy, where are you? Eek, haha.
Until then, I'll just continue to spend money and panic and let my partner sort out finances. Me, running away from responsibilities? No, never...

Hope you liked this post and outfit of the day!
See you next time,
StephLeaMead X

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