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Sunday, 31 March 2019

Lush 30th Birthday Party - New Bath Bombs!

Hello, lovelies!
   Hope you're all well, and are enjoying the lovely weather we are having at the moment. Summer is most definitely coming!
So, let's go on to LUSH... On Friday the 29th of March my local Northampton store invited me down to have a tour of all of their new products which were released especially for Lush celebrating their 30th Birthday. They have over 50, and each store could pick their own which they feel that their customers would enjoy the most, though don't worry, you can get them to order in any one you want and also order on their online store, too!

All of their new ones are actually cruelty free and vegan (Which a vast majority of their products are vegan anyway, and all are cruelty free) so I'm absolutely over the moon with this.

My favourite new bath bomb was definitely this one called Lucky Cat, it's bright pink though fizzes out to a cute peach colour, it has shimmers in and is shaped like an adorable cat. The scent of this one is mainly jasmine and ylang ylang, with little biodegradable stars inside that burst out.
I was told that they have started 3D printing their bath bomb moulds so they're expecting to do more complicated and creative design shapes like this one, and like Royalty, shown below, another new one!

This one is called Kitsunu, it has an earthy Patchouli scent with hints of mandarin and a cedarwood oil which is meant to calm and balance your thoughts, so an ideal choice after a long stressful day. This one is shaped like a foxes head, and is made of nine fox tails. How adorable is that?

Another favourite of mine as it is mermaid themed (See Mol who works at the Northampton store in the background, dressed as Melusine, which is the bombs name!) is ideal for people who, like myself, have anxiety. It has scents of avocado, lemon and bergamot oil in aid to lift your senses. The colours and the shape which is supposed to be the mermaids scales is so beautiful!

Here the lovely Mol, who is the one who toured is around the store and talked us through each new bath bomb, thank you Mol! is holding the Black Rose, which is actually hand painted on the top with Cocoa butter and gives the water a deep black shimmer. It smells of turkish delight, and leaves your skin feeling super soft. Black is my favourite colour so I feel like this will become a Lush staple for me...
See the Black Rose in action below, the hints of pink on top of the black looks incredible!

Next up, we have the Ginger Ninja! As you can see it's shaped like a Ninjas head, and it is covered in a gold glitter. This one is a fast fizzer, and it puts on a grand show for you! Once placed in the bath water, it puffs out smoke as if the Ninja has just appeared and the glitter fizzes out rapidly, with popping candy stars which are meant to indicate their throwing stars, burst out. This little fella is such a cutie.

A Lush favourite as I'm sure all you Lushies will know, Karma Santra! It is much like the Karma bubble bath, the Karma Santra is meant to, as the website also states 'Soothe your bohemian soul'! The symbol on top is apparently used a lot in meditation, and I'm sure the lemongrass, orange and spicey Elemi oil will help you feel like you have just meditated.

Last but not at all least, the Blackberry! This is one of the first bath bombs Lush ever brought to its stores, and with it being a firm favourite amongst its customers, they have decided to bring it back for their 30th Birthday. This one fizzes out into a lovely lilac colour, with a smell of blackberry but more earthy than you'd expect. It is packed with essential oils like lemongrass and neroli, it will leave your skin feeling amazing! Now I wasn't even born when this would have first hit the shelves, but I'm sure this will be an awesome blast from the past for those loyal Lush fans.

Here's a picture board of all of the new bath bombs that are now out in the UK, which my Northampton Lush store had in their window. Now like I mentioned before, you won't be able to find every one of this in your local store, but you can get them ordered in for you, or you can order it online, and pretty soon you should be able to vote for which one you want to see in the store!

I was lucky enough to be able to make one of their new bath bombs in store as well, here is the gorgeous Evie who works there, teaching me how to make Geode. It has amethyst looking crystals on the top of this, and smells like citrus perfume. I cannot wait to use this soon! Seeing the pretty purple crystals on top is making me hope they bring out an Amethyst bath bomb which smells of Twilight, fingers crossed!

Here's the beautiful Jemima who also works in the Northampton store. I always love how the Lush employees dress in their own personal style (how lovely is the black lace body on the white tee? Love!) and they are always SO lovely. A massive thank you to each of the staff members in there who weren't only fantastic on the day, but are always so super nice. Keep on being awesome humans, guys x

See my vlog of the day on my YouTube Channel here -  to see what we got up to, how our bath bomb making went, what presents we got from Lush, and to meet my new adopted three legged cat, Murphy!

Hope you enjoyed this post, see you next time,
StephLeaMead X

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