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Wednesday, 8 May 2019

Outfit of the Day ft. Finding a Lump in my Boob

Black Fluffy Jumper - Primark - Similar here (Boohoo via ASOS) http://tidd.ly/43efb4f
Black Fishnet Tights - Primark - Similar here http://tidd.ly/4920b35c
Black Western Belt - Pretty Little Thing - http://tidd.ly/3d265b42
Leopard Print Midi Dress (Worn as skirt) - River Island - Similar here http://tidd.ly/be88dbf0
Glittery Black Socks - Topshop - http://tidd.ly/837e8623
Black Chunky Platform Sandal Heels - KoiFootwear - http://tidd.ly/32c652ea

   Hello, lovelies!
How are you guys doing? Hope you're all well and have lots of cool stuff planned!
I love this outfit that I'm wearing here, it's quite a simple one when first put together, but styling the jumper with the double western belt (These belts remind me of my dad! #Styleicon haha) and adding the fishnets under the glittery socks makes it a bit more edgy, you know? Cringe at that word, but I can't explain it any other way, it just is, haha.
I'm attempting to wear my existing clothes more often, wearing them different ways by styling pieces together that I wouldn't normally, and trying on things that I haven't worn in ages rather than buying something new that I probably won't wear again a month down the line. I'm saying no to some fast fashion. Hello, more eco-friendly me! I've actually already made a lot of steps to be more kind to our planet, I'll do a blog post soon on what I've done, and how you can help the world too, soon!

So, how did you start your weekend? I kicked mine off with a little trip down to the hospital. Cute, right?
So rewind three weeks and I was having the best time in a hotel shower (Stop it! Not like that, I was literally just enjoying the pressure of the shower and how big a luxurious it was, haha) and I suddenly noticed that my right breast had grown. On further inspection I noticed it had just swollen on one side... Ok, let's feel around more... A lump. That's not normally there, right? Ignore it, I thought, it's probably nothing, so I did that whilst I was away, until I got home and I got my partner to check it out for me, because if anyone knows your boobs it will be your partner!
He always calls me a hypochondriac, so when he felt it and confirmed there was a lump and he told me to go to the doctors, I knew I had to go.

Fast forward one week, and I'm sitting in my GP waiting room. I wasn't actually worried about it that much, as I'd researched it a bit beforehand and confirmed what I thought I already knew, it's probably related to hormones, I'm too young to be at high risk of breast cancer, it's fairly normal for your breasts not to feel totally smooth and round. I know you shouldn't google and diagnose yourself (Headache? Great, Medilink and the NHS website says I have brain cancer and I've got a week to live... Just my luck, haha) but I was being logical, it's fine...
My doctor said the exact same thing too, then when he examined them, he referred me to the hospital just to be extra sure. Better safe than sorry, right?

Two more weeks go by and I'm at the hospital. The staff were very lovely, and so informative. The doctor examined them again (Good job I'm not body shy ha) and got me to lift my arms individually so he could see how they looked, felt them and he said it was most definitely hormones, but to confirm this he wanted me to have an ultrasound on them, so off I went into another room to have this done. She scanned over my right breast and confirmed that there was definitely nothing wrong, and that it's just the age I am, hormones, growing etc. and showed me on the screen what I could feel, but said if I had any worries or concerns to come right back.

So, I'm all good! Healthy Steph. Basically, what I'm trying to say is, if you find anything strange and unusual, don't ignore it, because you may not be as lucky as me. Don't ignore it for the problem to get worse, just book that doctors appointment and get a second opinion. Check your breasts and balls and whatever else regularly. Get familiar with how they look and feel, and don't be too shy to get down to your Drs and query anything. The whole process is not as daunting as it might seem.

Check out the CoppaFeel! Website here for any information - https://coppafeel.org/
And guys... http://be.macmillan.org.uk/Downloads/CancerInformation/Easyread/MAC16321How-to-check-your-balls-(testicles).pdf

Remember, check for lumps and bumps!
See you soon,
StephLeaMead X

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