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Sunday, 9 June 2019

My New Hair by Amy Smith at Identity Hair, Northampton. ¦¦ Review

Hello, lovelies!
So as you can see from the above before and after pictures (Or after and before as I've put it the other way around, haha) I've had my hair treated and transformed by the amazingly talented Amy Smith who is a hair stylist in the Northampton hairdressers Identity Hair Salon.
To be totally transparent to you guys, this was a gifted cut and colour in exchange for a review and social media pictures, but my opinions will always be honest.
Amy and the salon have super kindly given me a discount code for you to use if you book in, so quote Steph20 for 20% off of your appointment!

As my hair has been damaged before from bleach that I've done myself I didn't really want to have it done again just yet, plus the bleach that they use at the salon isn't vegan, which to me is super important being vegan myself, though I know that won't be an issue for everyone. If, like me, you want your cut and colour to be 100% cruelty free and/or vegan just let Amy know and she will tailor this to your needs!
We started off by washing my hair as the hair dye we used, Crazy Colors, needs to be applied to damp hair. I normally don't like this part of the hair dressing experience, I find it quite awkward and not relaxing like people normally say it is, but I actually didn't get this awkwardness that I would usually. I think it was because Amy was so lovely to talk to about everyday stuff, it was literally like talking to a friend. As you're with your hairstylist for a fair few hours, this is something that I find important, especially as I suffer with anxiety, finding somewhere and someone that I find comfortable is brilliant.
My coffee with oat milk and a Lotus biscuit whilst waiting for my hair to dry! 
The colour palette that we used on the base of my hair, going from dark to light. Dyes by Crazy Colors
For the base of my hair we used a range of pinks, going from a dark on the natural part of my hair, blending into a lighter pink on the parts of my hair that had been previously bleached and dyed pink but faded, and then finishing off the ends with a bright pink fuchsia shade.
Then the surprise! Two hidden strips of rainbows underneath a few layers. On this part of the hair transformation, Amy put a long strip of tinfoil underneath the length of hair and then painted each colour dye in sections, literally like a rainbow. We had red, blue, purple green and yellow going down the hair strip, which I love showing off to people! Just in time for pride month as well!
After the rainbow section was complete, another lay of tinfoil was added on top to protect it from the pink dye so it didn't mix, then the rest of the hair was dyed the three different shades of pink. Now time for it to develop! Perfect for another cuppa, magazine read and to listen to the music they had playing there. (And to listen in on other peoples conversations, anyone else do that? I'm such a people watcher haha)
Viola. Here's the finished product! After it developed, it got washed and conditioned, dried and then straightened and styled. I couldn't believe the outcome, it was so super bright and felt lovely and healthily soft. Considering we didn't bleach it as well, the hidden rainbow part came through incredibly well. Amy is such a hair Goddess!
After my experience at this salon and Amy herself, I honestly don't think I'd consider another hair salon, I would just go straight here. The only one thing I wish was different about the salon itself, is if everything was cruelty free and vegan, I'd be 100% over the moon, but I've never managed to find a salon like that. As long as they can tailor my hair treatment to be cruelty free and vegan then I'm happy!
This salon is so aesthetically pleasing as well. In the waiting area there are gorgeous chic pink arm chairs to relax in before your appointment that gave me serious home decor inspiration. If only my partner liked the colour pink... Haha.
They also have this beautiful flower wall absolutely full of purple, pink and white roses which is so perfect for those Instagram pics. I think this is such a fabulous idea, every hairdressers should have this!
On top of doing hair, you can also get your nails done, massages, facials and much more in their spa rooms. I didn't realise how big the Salon actually was until I had a little wonder around!
Overall, I'm massively pleased with my hair, Amy and the salon. I'd recommend this place to anyone, and I'm going to continue coming here. I'm sure you can see from the pictures what an amazing hair stylist Amy is, especially with colours, so if you're wanting to experiment with colours on your hair I'd definitely book in to see Amy Smith. Check out her Instagram by typing in her handle, or clicking it here - @Amy.Smith.Stylist (See if you can spot me on there!) and also the Salons own gram - @Identity_Hair_Beauty  - Remember to use code Steph20 if you're booking and want a little percentage off!
Thanks so much for reading guys, I hope you enjoyed seeing my new hair being created!
See you soon,
StephLeaMead X


  1. The flower wall makes pics so aesthetically pleasing ! I wish I didn't live this far, I would definitely go there.

    1. It's so gorgeous isn't it?! I want one in my house! Haha. x