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Tuesday, 23 July 2019

Petit Vour - Vegan and Cruelty Free Beauty Subscription Box Review

Hello lovelies!
   Have you ever tried a subscription box before? I have tried a few before, including categories and themes such as art, food and vegan goodies, but Petit Vour is my first all beauty based cruelty free and vegan subscription box.

I love the concept of subscription boxes as you never know what you're going to get before you've opened it so it's like a present to yourself that gets delivered right to your door every month. The majority of the time I've had a box like this, I've never even heard of the brands or products inside of it so you're trying out something completely new which is great to find new favourites to add to your beauty regime! Get ready, bank balance, because there were some treats in here!...

There's three major key unique selling points of this box which I'm super pleased about; firstly, the fact that everything you get is 100% cruelty free and vegan is amazing. I've always had my eye on Glossy Box but the items you receive in there aren't animal friendly so it's not something I'd ever go for, so this is an amazing alternative. The slogan 'Be bold, be kind' is printed on the delicate dusky pink box, and also 'The créme de la Cruelty Free' is on the other side, which gives it a lovely aesthetic touch.
Second, all of the products are brilliant value and the price of the box is so much cheaper than if you were to buy each of the products individually. You save so much money but get some full size products in it. Each box contains around £40-£50 worth of items in it, yet the beauty boxes start at just £20 a month.
Last but not least,  you get free products thrown in to your box on top of the four beauty samples that are already in there. This month, I got a black Antonym eyeliner pencil and sharpener which would have been £14 if I had brought it myself, winning! Also, if you buy a subscription box and add any beauty products that they sell online from previous boxes, they combine the shipping costs so you're basically getting free postage and packaging. Great if you've had something in a box before and wanted to purchase it after falling in love with it.

So, what was in this months July 2019 box?
On top of the free gift I mentioned earlier, I received a Terre Mére eye shadow base which is smudge proof and anti-aging retailed at £28 - Really loved that I get to try this because I love eye shadow bases and primers (it's a staple if you wear eye makeup, seriously) and I've been meaning to check out some new ones. (Yes, I can confirm, it's amazing!)
I also got to try out Kálos after hours soothing night cream. Now I'm not the best with night time skin care, and my regime definitely needs work. After trying this I'm definitely going to invest in this brand or similar like it. The smell of the products itself was beautiful, and it made my skin feel gorgeous.
The next treat inside the cruelty free box was the French Girl Organics 'Lait De Rose' which is a vitamin C polishing facial wash, which was my favourite item for sure. It exfoliated my skin so well, made it feel super soft and smelt like posh perfume, it's a yes from me.
Lastly, I had the Ursa Major Bright & Easy 3-minute flash mask. I was gutted at how small this product was just because it was so incredible. It promises to make your skin feel firmer and it literally did just that! It's supposed to make your face appear more clear and vibrant, and I'm sure if I was to use this again and again it would help. Maybe this is another product I'll have to buy to try again? I think so...

This is a subscription box I'd 100% recommend, especially if you're wanting to try out new products, someone who is transitioning over to all cruelty free and vegan products, or you're just wanting to treat yourself!
Have a little peak at their website, here -
You can check out the beauty subscription boxes, have a gander through the products they sell online which were featured in their previous boxes and also browse through other treats such as essential oils, water bottles and home ware.

If you order one, let me know what you think! I'd love to know which products you end up getting and loving!
Thanks for reading, see you soon,
StephLeaMead X

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