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Friday, 25 October 2019

Law of Attraction and My Mental Health - with OOTD

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Hey everyone, hope you're well!

  Have you ever heard of the Law of Attraction? Successful people such as Gary Vee and Grant Cardone live and swear by this (paired with hard work), and I'm adjusting the way I think about things and my general outlook on life to see if this helps my mental health, life and all round happiness...

I've always had a keen interest in this positive way of thinking, but I've never really embraced it. It wasn't until my housemate Sharon started embodying this lifestyle and positive mental attitude, with the aid of books such as The Secret by Rhonda Byrne; that I thought I'd look into it more and try to make my mind more positive, as I witnessed a change in her so much.

So, what actually is 'Law of Attraction?' / LOA? 
In a nutshell, LOA is where you don't think of the negative outcomes of a scenario, you just imagine the positive results and tell yourself that the good things will happen - and it will.
For instance, the job interview you're going for? Say to yourself "I am going to do incredible in this interview and bag that job!" - you'll be more confident, and more than likely be successful.

You can do this with the most simplest of things, or the most extreme; I have social anxiety and whilst I really love and enjoy going out-out with friends, drinking, socialising and going to parties etc. my anxiety kicks in in the hours leading up to whatever the event is and I'll panic, get snappy, sweat profusely, physically shake, cry sometimes uncontrollably, and so on. But, I went to a house party the other week where I didn't know anybody, even the host, I'd just spoken to him on social media... Well, guess what? Thinking positively and repeating phrases in my head statements like "I'm going to have fun at this party and speak to amazing people" and "I'm not going to let my anxiety get the better of me" worked a treat and I had fun, met some incredible people and my anxiety wasn't even there. I feel proud of myself, and confident that with this way of thinking, I can do anything... 

Another example of this working for me is relating to finances:
I am a big worrier when it comes to money, which stems from coming from a relatively poor background where I didn't know if I could afford to eat most days, and often went without.
Even though I am in a comfortable state now, I can't shake that feeling of being skint. Thinking positively, a silver lining in this situation is that I am very responsible with my money and can save really well. Anyway, getting on with how LOA helped me with this...

So, as usual, I was worrying about funds in my bank account and looking at my outgoings like it was the end of the world, then, trying to think logically about it, I said "I'm going to earn more money to help with this feeling" and even though I didn't actively look for a new job, a client reached out to me and now i have almost doubled my income from that point, just by freelancing for this one client. 
Without this positive mind set, I may never have landed that client and would be left getting more anxious about a problem that is easily fixed, and something that wasn't particularly a problem anyway!
Now this may all sound like pure and utter poo to you, and it did to me too, especially when you hear uber rich, successful people blabbing on about it. My partner listen to YouTube videos and podcasts on this sort of thing, specifically content from GaryVee (Gary Vaynerchuck) and I'd listen to his words and literally scoff and laugh at each section. I'd think 'it's easy for Mr. Rich man to say all of this. What about me with mental health issues? Coming from a poor family?' etc. and just generally moan and making excuses as to why I couldn't change my way of thinking or improve my life at all.
I think that's what this is all down to essentially, the key to general happiness is thinking positively. Toxic thoughts will rot you. It's like saying 'You are what you eat' but with your thoughts and feelings.

Even if you'd rather put it down to a higher spirit, that the universe will present good things to you if you give off a positive radiance/ magic / God even??? Whatever it is, even if you want to take this with a pinch of salt, I feel like we can all benefit from positive thinking.

After all, what have you got to lose? It's worth trying. Do it!

Lots of love and positive thoughts,
StephLeaMead X

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