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Happy Holiday season everyone! 
   OK own up, who is already sorted for Christmas and got everyone's presents, organised who is coming round, which one of you is cooking etc? None of you? Thought so!
Now while I can't help you with the cooking (Trust me, you wouldn't want me to anyway!) or sort out any family politics... I can show you some gorgeous items from independent sellers on the website Etsy to give you ideas for presents, and also offer you the chance to win a gift card so you get £25 to spend on whatever you want on Etsy. I'm good to you, I know, no need to thank me... Haha.
(Giveaway is at the bottom of this post)

So if you've been following me for a while you'll know that I think it's super important to shop small, buy from local sellers, and support independent companies as much as possible. That's why every year near Christmas I showcase some amazing sellers on Etsy to give something unique to buy for presents, rather than your usual bits and bobs from Primark, Amazon and so on...
Imagine how happy the individual creator is when they someone purchases something they've made? I don't think the CEO of Amazon does a happy dance every time he has a sale...

If you want to see what I've hand picked from there, scroll through this list, and enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post (You don't have to do a lot, just follow us on Instagram!) and you can also check out my YouTube video where I show these cute pieces off and talk about them a bit more. You also get to see Murphy, my three-legged adopted cat, being a cheeky bum in it!
Here's the link:

BRITNICSHOP  - 'Stay Sexy, Don't Get Murdered' artwork print mug, with postcard and sticker.
So this amazing shop sells mugs, stickers and postcards plus lots more, and this mug is inspired from the podcast I'm obsessed with My Favourite Murder by Karen Kilgariff and Georgie Hardstark - All you fellow Murderinos will be with me on this, it is literally the best podcast I've listened to and I cannot stop listening and looking into the true crime stories. It helps that Karen & Georgia are so damn quotable haha.
So Nicola, who designs and makes these herself, has three different designs of the mugs. There is this one, a Murderino one and a You're in a Cult, Call Your Dad (Like the sticker above) one too, and I need to collect them all!
MFM fans, treat yourself to these or if you know Murderino, this is definitely the perfect gift for them.

PAULS JEWELS  - Amethyst cluster, rose quartz point and Merkaba star
I'm a massive fan of crystals, I wear them all of the time, have one in my pocket and my house is decorated with them in every nook & cranny I can get them in. I'm into crystal healing and do believe they have powers, but even if that's not your thing you can't deny that they're super pretty!
Pauls Jewels on Etsy is the place to go for all your crystals, I get all of mine from there and the owner is super lovely and knows all about the items so if you want to get yourself some bits or buy them as gifts and want them tailored, give him a message!
Here are links to the three items shown above...

DEAD MEAT DESIGN  Calendar of Murder - True crime & serial killers - 2020
I am in love with this calendar! You've got Jeffrey Dahmer, Ted Bundy, Richard Ramirez and all of the other iconic serial killers of our time you can think of, but in cute illustration form.
I wanted to take this to work with my for my desk but I think I might scare people off so I've kept this one at home, taking pride in my living room instead, haha.
This is another one for Murderinos and true crime lovers like me. It's such a unique gift and to be honest, calendar all together. It's not often you'll see something like this. The beauty of Etsy, everyone... They also sell one on Cults which I may just have to get for 2021 - that one features Jim Jones and if you've never heard of Jonestown cult and murder you have to go look into it!
I might do a video on this soon... Crazy stuff people.

BELLE AME DECOR  - Mini Bohemian Macrame with Christmas Holly
Honestly loving all macrame pieces at the moment, and everyone knows if it comes in a mini it's instantly the cutest thing you've ever seen, right? I'm going to pop this little guy near the top of my Christmas tree, then for the rest of the year I'm going to switch it around so you can just see the macrame and a bit of the leaves so it doesn't look Christmassy, and have it hanging on my wall.
Belle Ame Decor is actually based in Northampton where I live, so a big tick in shopping small and local for me!
She creates some absolutely gorgeous massive dream catchers too, and I absolutely need one above my bed immediately! Yes, need...
(p.s I cannot pronounce macrame and I hope I pronounced it right in my YouTube video haha)

DAISY SHOP UK  - Dried gypsophila / babys breath flowers 
What's better than a bunch of flowers? Dried ones, duh. Every time I get flowers from my partner I always dry them out to preserve them and keep them as decor around the house or props for photos, or even to add to the aesthetic of my bride & grooms wedding presentation boxes. As well as lasting longer than fresh flowers, I think they also look so much prettier!
I love using old glass alcohol bottles as vases like above, I think it looks so cute.
Daisy Shop sells loads of other dried flowers too, and I'm thinking of getting some Lavender and Roses and making a little boho looking bouquet to go on my makeup table.

KOVEN KANDIE  - Skeleton Pendant Necklace and Serpent Snake Earrings 
I'm literally a sucker for anything skeletal so when I saw a fellow blogger had started creating her own jewellery I asked her to make me a skeleton necklace and she came through with this gorgeous thing! SO in love. (random but funny side story; I used to be anorexic and my mum wouldn't let me get a skeleton necklace as she said it's like me wearing myself hahah)
She also does a skeleton hand one, and a sun and moon zodiac necklace which I adore. Maybe she'll create something especially for you, too? Message her!

EMBER CANDLE CO  - Skull Shape Candle - Pastel and Palma Violet Scented 
Told you I can't keep away from skulls... How perfect is this candle though, seriously? ECC sell all sorts of skull candles and wax melts like this, they're amazing. With this candle, you can choose the colour and also scent like cotton candy, salted caramel and and bubblegum.
They also do larger sizes in matte black, soy wax melts that come in little coffins and skull shaped room scenters.
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to bring myself to light this little guy, he's just too cute...

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Thank you so much for checking out this gift guide and entering the giveaway, good luck to you all!
Have a great Christmas,
love StephLeaMead X

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