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Sunday, 31 May 2020

Teeth Whitening At Home with Smileo!

Hey girl hey,

Hope you're all safe and well and surviving the lockdown... Anyone gone completely crazy yet? (a blog post will be up soon telling you how I've dealt with everything! Oh dear, that's all I'll say for now... haha)

SO, today's blog post is all about how I've been keeping my teeth nice and white whilst all of the dentists have been shut for health & safety reasons. I usually go to 44 Derngate which is a private Dentist in Northampton's Town Centre (I have major dentist anxiety but they make me feel super relaxed and I actually look forward to my next appointment?! I reccomed them to everyone!). They clean my teeth for me and whiten them, and I was meant to go for an appointment but of course couldn't... So instead, I've been using Smileo! Read on for my review, experience, a discount code for you (steph10) and before & after pictures:

The reason I chose to use Smileo rather than any other at home teeth whitening kits was because the company is fully 100% vegan and cruelty free - Even before I was vegan, cruelty free products was something I always looked out for. Animal testing is something I've never stood for, I just don't feel it's necessary. Poor little bunnies...
Not only that, all of the ingredients are natural and cause no harm like - for instance, damage to enamel on the teeth, no pain due to chemicals etc. The one I get from my dentist causes me sensitivity around a week after treatment, cold air, hot drinks and cold food really hurts! It's probably becuase it's stronger, but it's interesting to see that they both work.
Also, they have a money back guarentee on all of their products. If you don't see any visible results once you've used them, they will refund you the price you paid. I love that they do this, as I hate to feel like I've wasted my money and this is something that will put me off buying a product if I'm not 100% sure it will work, so most of the time I won't try it - but if I know I can get a refund, I'll be more confident to buy the item - girl can't be wasting any money ya'll. 

I chose two products from Smileo - the Smileo Teeth Whitening Kit (The white box you see above, which includes the UV light, colour shade guide and the gel syringes) and also the Charcoal Teeth Whitening Strips  (The smaller blue box, with the black product packaging below containing the 3D strips).
Both of these products are a little over £50 each - You don't have to use both together, just one or the other will do. To save a little, you can use my discount code steph10 for 10% off of everything on the website. They give you free post and packaging on all orders over £59 too - you know I love a bargain and saving money when and where I can! 

I'll start off with the Teeth Whitening Kit - So it comes with 3 syringes full of the gel which is what turns your teeth whiter. They provide you with more than you need with one full session, as you only need small amounts each time you use it. You pipe it onto the bottom of the sillicone mouth piece, like a tiny dot on each part where the teeth will be, so as you only use this for 10 minutes everyday for 7 days at a time, you won't even use one syringe worth. I've still got over half of one left, and the two full ones as well. When I need a top up I can use this product again - along with my usual whitening tooth paste, and also the charcoal 3D whitening strips too.

The website promises to bring results of 8 shades whiter with a full session, and states you'll be able to notice a difference after the first use - I'm always skeptical when brands say things like this, but after one use my partner noticed a difference - I started noticing properly after the third time using the UV light by just looking in the mirror, but when using the teeth whitening shade guide and comparing my teeth along each tooth picture, I could see the difference - I won't lie I was a bit shocked at first as with the whitening my dentists provide I was positive it would work, and me being a skeptic thought this either wouldn't work or it'd take ages and only a slight difference... But it worked a dream. Considering I'm a black coffee and red wine drinker, and a smoker, it had a lot to contend with, so I'm very impressed. (Hey we all need our vices on life, I just have three ok, haha)

Here's the before and after picture - The white dot you see in the middle of the right front tooth is from my braces years ago and the slight brown stain in the middle of the two front teeth is from smoking - I'm hoping with continuous use the teeth whitening fixes these... Can you see a difference already? (Excuse the no makeup after photo, not that I'm sorry for not always wearing makeup but I feel like the comparison might have been better and easier to see?) 

I've now started using the teeth whitening strips, I'm on my third one and as I've just completed the round of the teeth whitening kit I'm ust doing it to keep it up and top it up. I think teeth are so important to our appearance - I recently just finished an Invisalign braces set to fix my crooked front tooth and I'm much happier with them now. They're far from perfect, but much better than what they were...

Overall, I'm super pleased with the Smileo whitening products - I may order the charcoal powder to brush my teeth with next. Remember, if you're thinking of order anything use the discount code steph10 -  I don't get anything from you using it, it's just so you guys save a little more. No affliate links, or commision earning here. Though a womans got bills to pay so there's nothing wrong with it, just stating in case you were wondering! :) 

Thanks for reading everyone - I hope you enjoyed it, and if you're ordering any products have fun and look forward to your new whiter teeth! You'll have to let me know how it goes, I'd love to see your results!

See you next time, lots of love. Stay positive, safe and be kind...
StephLeaMead X

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