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   It's been a hot minute, hasn't it? The world is a strange place right now... Full of ups and downs and who knows whats. This year has gone crazily slow and super fast all at once, if that is even possible. We're already in August, but at the same time... We're only in August?! 

I hope you're all staying safe and well during global pandemic weirdness... I'd give you a reminder of social distancing, washing those hands, wearing a mask and the rest of it but I'm sure you've all heard it enough by now! I've been enjoying doing little things again, like visiting the pubs, going shopping and... Picking my own sunflowers at Overstone Grange Farm! (Northamptonshire)

I've picked my own strawberries and apples before, but never sunflowers... So when I saw this lovely little independant place local to me had this event on, I jumped at the chance and brought my little social bubble along with me. It was such lovely weather as well, so much so that my massive sunflowers wilted in the car on the way back haha... 

The farm did a great job making sure we were mainting social distancing, and following all the other guidelines that there are at the moment. The lovely girl taking payments for the flowers was in a perspex screened hut which was super cute, but she was baking in there bless her - But still was the kindest thing and complimented my sunflower dress. (Had to dress for the occassion, obvs) 
OGF will be doing PYO Pumpkins in October, and I'm so ready for those Autumnal Halloween vibes!

If you're a Northamptonian local like me, you can check them out here and give them a visit - but if not, I'm sure you'll have a pick you own farm near you, too!

As you can tell, myself and partner Karl adore sunflowers - We're both fans and adorers of the artist Van Gogh, and Karl has sunflower tattoos and a Van Gogh art piece on his arm. I'm thinking of getting mine soon, too! They're just such happy flowers, aren't they? We've decided we'd have those as our wedding flowers if we decide to go down the traditional route when we get hitched. (I wanted to go to Las Vegas and have an Elvis impersonator marry us, but Karl isn't so keen haha!) 

Without sounding too soppy (You might cringe and I'm sorry not sorry) but I don't think I would have got through the lockdown stage of 2020 without my partner Karl... Or actually, everyone close to me for that matter. I'm the type of person that is always on the go, working, socialising, house work... I do not sit still. I realised in the early part of lockdown that this is me trying to distract myself from my mental health issues, and I had a bit of a wobble through the first few months. 
Without Karl, my gorgeous best friend and house mate Sharon and my little sister Jess who also lives with us all and provides the entertainment (She's the funniest thing), I think I'd have gone full on crazy. SO, little appreciation paragraph here. To my other friends and family too - Thank you for being you!

I'm going to be doing a post or two on mental health soon, along with some creative photos and potentially a video too - but at the minute, I'm feeling really happy with where I am. I have a positive outlook at the moment, and don't want to do something that will ruin that, so for now I'm doing my best. To my fellow mental health suffers, anxiety, depression and the rest - I hope you're all doing good right now. I know some people have found lockdown a blessing and it's actually helped the state of their mental health - everyone deals with things in their own way - but I know for some, it's been the worst time for them. 
Know there is help out there for you - there is some tips here -
and there's some brilliant organisations here - - Some myself and others I know have used and they've been great.

Lots of love to you all, stay safe - take care.
StephLeaMead X

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