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Sunday, 8 November 2020

Let's Make Humans Great Again - A Poem - 2020

Just in case you were wondering what I'm wearing, see below! 

Face Mask - ASOS  (As a 5 pack) - https://tidd.ly/2U7m1j6

Leopard Print Coat - Originally Primark - Similar here: https://tidd.ly/3pdenC6

Black Midi Smock Dress - ASOS - https://tidd.ly/2U4T474

Brown Auburn Shaggy Cardigan - Originally New Look, Similar here: https://tidd.ly/32pZJ0o

Western Belt with Double Buckle - PrettyLittleThing

Heeled Black Boots - ASOS

 Hello, everyone! 

    How are we all feeling? The world is still feeling a very strange place to be living in right now, doesn't it? The facist Donald Trump has been kicked out of the White House after Joe Biden was voted in (woohoo!) the U.K and other countries have gone back into lockdown, it was Rememberance Sunday today although there were no parades as there usually is due to social distancing, Christmas feels like it might not be the same... Can we have friends and family round our house, can we not? And you know, the heaps of other things going on in the world, not to mention personal things we have going on in our lives anyway.

After the late Caroline Flack (UK TV presenter) sadly commited suicide early this year, the internet and all social media pages were emblazoned with heart felt messages of #BeKind and urging people to speak out about mental health, and through all of this, I thought "Hey, at least people will be kinder to each other. We'll all have more compassion for one another now" but I was wrong... 

The empty slogan that people had seemed to have adopted fell flat pretty shortly after this, unfortnately. I've tried to pen my thoughts and feelings down on paper, on this blog, on social media... But haven't found them. My mental state suffered during the first lockdown we were put in in March this year, and with personal family issues happening alongside feeling isolated (literally, and mentally!) and knowing a lot of people feel the same, I have written a small poem with a simple message... Here goes:

Let's make humans great again,
Let's smile at eachother in the streets,
Let's ask people how they are and mean it,
Let's hold the door open for people, just because...

Let's make humans great again,
Let's buy that homeless person a hot drink,
Let's offer to let people go in front of you in the queue,
Let's buy your friend flowers or a happiness token to spread joy, just because...

Let's make humans great again,
Let's listen to everyones opinions, thoughts and feelings,
Let's take an interest in all cultures and Religions,
Let's greet our neighbours with warm waves and "Mornings!", just becuase...

Let's make humans great again,
Let's let bygones be bygones and forgive and forget,
Let's compliment eachother and celebrate our successes,
Let's show our kindness, love and support for every single being, just becuase...

Let's make humans great again,
Let's always say our 'pleases' and 'thank yous'
Let's celebrate each and every one of our quirks, differences and uniquness,
Let's look pass someones gender, race, social class, sexuality, and see them as human, just becuase...

Just because we should. Just because it's right. Just because it's nice to be kind.
Just because...
Let's Make Humans Great Again.

Lots of love - StephLeaMead X

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