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Sunday, 14 February 2021

Valentines Day in Lockdown and Femme Luxe Haul!

 Hey everyone!

   I hope you're all well and still coping through this lock down - and Happy Valentines day if you're reading this on the day I published! 

With this Valentines Day being spent in lockdown, me and my partner are celebrating it by still getting dressed up and having a lovely dinner together with candles and fairy lights in our dining room.

I'm wearing this gorgeous top from Femme Luxe that has very extravagent puffy mesh sleeves and ties at the front - It's so flattering for my tattoos that peek through the material, and it also makes it look like I have boobs which are hardly there, trust me, haha! 

You can get this top from their website by clicking here - it's also on sale at the moment, we all love a good bargain I know! They have really similar ones too so I'll give you the links to those here and here - The corsett front is my favourite style at the moment, especially with the milk maid square neck. That's one trend I will be jumping on this Summer when we can hopefully go out again if it's safe!

Before I talk about being in lockdown, my thoughts on Valentines Day normally and whatnot - I'll show you what else I got from FemmeLuxe below!

I got this jumper with the thoughts to lounge around in it at home with some joggers or leggings as fancy loungewear, but now I've seen it on I'm going to also wear this out - I'll style it a few ways and show you guys once I've worn it out! (To work anyway, or shopping... Haha) I'll link this cosy jumper here for you - Which is now also on sale! 

The last thing I have in this mini haul is a dogstooth / houndstooth black and white knitted tank top - I'm a little bit obsessed with this thing. I've worn this with my dogtooth berett hat, a white vintage shirt and some black jeans and it is such an effortless but lovely outfit. I'll post more on this item soon showing you how I wear it different ways! FemmeLuxe have this in the reverse colour pattern too, I'll link them both here and here.

SO - Lockdown! 

Has anyone else found this one a lot harder than the others? I've not found this harder in the sense of getting used to staying inside and finding it 'weird' but harder as in... I no longer see the light at the end of the tunnel. This virus seems to be sticking around and after now a year of my life being stuck inside, taking a friend away far too young, making my mum really ill and so on...

Logically, I know it's for the best and everyone is going through it together... But as someone who feels incredibly lonely and uses going out to distract themselves from their mental health, it's been hard! 

Thats why this year me and my partner are actually celebrating Valentines Day - You see, we don't usually participate in the celebrations, because we both feel that it's just another consumerist, capitalist ploy to get people to spend their money on presents, cards, flowers, gifts and dinners to show their love and appreciation to one another. We do this anyway, so don't need a specific day to shower each other in those things. Maybe I'm a cynic, but I've always thought this way - we go extra hard on Halloween though and get each other 'spooky boxes' full of Halloween things, or just little thoughtful gifts we both know we love. That's our 'Valentines' - It's much more 'us'! 

This evening, Karl is cooking me a gorgeous junk food vegan dinner - He's doing homestyle '7 bone' restaurant food, so a big greasy burger and loaded dirty fries! I'm definitely looking forward to that! 

He's also done all of the house work I usually do so I could just chill out today - He did end up shrinking one of my favourite vintage items but I won't go into that haha! Oopsie. Can't blame the guy for trying I suppose! 

I've just finished Cheat on Netflix after my sister reccomended it to me, and I loved it - It only has the one series at the moment, and I'm not sure they'll bring out another - But it was so interesting. There were so many unexpected twists. If you're into true crime shows, you need to watch it!

The Cecil Hotel documentary is now on Netflix too - I've just watched the first episode and I'm not too sure on it at the moment. I don't know if it's because I know a lot about the case anyway, or perhaps I was too excited for it and the anticipation build up was too much that I've ruined it... But I'll carry on with it as apparently by epsiode 3 it gets much more intersting. If you dont know what I'm talking about, I'm sure you've seen the video of the woman in the lift who seems to be freaking out over something... Well, that's what this docuseries is all about! If I've put you off by saying I'm not too keen, give it a go anyway. What else have you got to do? We're in lockdown, after all...

Lots of love to you all - Stay safe -

StephLeaMead X

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