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Wednesday, 24 March 2021

She Was Just Walking Home - A Poem. Sarah Everard.

What it would be like to live in a world,
Where we protect womens bodies and lives, 
Like we do cast iron statues of bygone men.

Where when a girl or woman is raped,
We don't ask why she was out, with who
What she was wearing, and when?

Imagine being belived when we tell our stories of abuse,
Instead of hearing instantly, "But where is your proof?"

We're told to cover up, always stay in twos,
But mocked if we don't look attractive, or go together to the loos

Our protests are met with "But not all men!" and feelings of disgust,
But when 150 of us are killed yearly, who are we to trust?

Sarah Everard was just walking home,
She did everything right, she was even on the phone

Her story is unfortunately just one of many more,
It happens to 97% of us by strangers, and behind that closed door

So before you don't listen to our experiences, whilst sitting on that ignorant throne,
Just remmeber one thing; She. Was. Just. Walking. Home.

For help, please visit the follow websites:

R.I.P Sarah Everard. X

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